Friday, July 29, 2011

Ways of my toddler...a long post.

There are some things that happen around here that make me laugh or chuckle, at the least. And I can't deny that I have a quizzical look on my face pretty often. Having an imaginative toddler makes for some very funny conversations and circumstances. And I don't discourage it in the slightest. In fact, I may over encourage it - but what harm can helping a creative little boy do? I can only imagine what Benjamin and Andrew will learn from one another as they play and pretend over the years.

Benjamin has been talking so much more clearly lately. But let me stress that he has been a talker from a early age {I know you're very surprised by this information ;)}. He has always communicated well, er, as well as a small child can. Either way, when we are watching a show on TV he'll look at us and say, "What's on next? What's this one about? I don't want to watch this one." Hum. Even his cars/dinosaurs/tools talk! And the things he remembers amaze me. {like going to the fire station. going to the pool. things I tell him about. and Uncle Kent. He always talks/asks about Uncle Kent}

With this said imagination, we've come into a very important phase of hunting dragons and building decks, car washes, fire trucks and boats. He jumps off of the furniture. He climbs on anything. Wrestling with dad has become more than Patrick just throwing him around, he jumps and bumps and bounces around on Patrick! He's such a boy. And I love that.

Please don't confuse these work goggles with the swimming goggles that are used for dragon hunting!

I will say, though, he is still a tender child. He loves his blankie and enjoys playing with small stuffed animals {like a small dog he named Sammie}. He asks about his little brother all the time and is very sure to remind me about him. We cannot go somewhere without making sure that Andrew is coming, too. He's so sweet.

All I wanted to write about this morning was a conversation B and I had, and look where it's gotten me. I'm on my fifth paragraph. You see, my child comes by his ramblings very naturally :)

Anyways, here is a little background for the conversation: B woke up at 6:15 this morning and Andrew woke up around 7:00, so I let B watch Curious George and I went to nurse Andrew. But because I was exhausted, I nursed him in my bed and left him there to sleep when he was done. Then he woke up about 35 minutes later flipping out. So, I'm in my room holding AR. Here is our conversation:
B: Andew is crying. What's wrong. Is he okay?
Me: Yea, he just got scared because he woke up in mommy's bed and not his bed and no one was here.
B: Ok. Was it dragons?
Me: {looking slightly confused for a moment} Hum. It could have been dragons. Do you think dragons woke him up?
B: Uh-huh. I'll check. {walking over to Andrew's bassinet} Not in here. No dragons in here.
Me: Well maybe they ran away...?
B: Ok. {running away to the living room}

He makes me laugh. And this is a prime example of his imagination and his concern for AR mushed into one little moment! I'm a blessed momma, I tell you!

Aaaaaaannndddd while Im going on and on about my oldest cutie - let me just share a few more things about him :) He loves Paul Bunyan and John Henry. We recently bought the American Legends DVD and he thinks it's fantastic! Probably because it is.

I always ask B, "I need something. What does momma need?" And he says, "a kiss!" {because I use to tell him, "Momma needs a kiss!!!"} and he'll come kiss me. He also says, pretty often, "Be very careful." I wonder where he got that? :) He also enjoys looking at pictures on my computer - particularly of our trip to the fire station or of visitors after Andrew was born.

He sees dragons everywhere and will wear an old pair of blue goggles around. Those are his dragon hunting goggles, incase you see him with them on. He carries around a plastic shovel while hunting these dragons, too. He likes to color and draw and paint. He loves to go on dates with momma. But when I ask about going on a date, he'll usually want to go on a date with Uncle Kent. He's a good eater and loves fruit. And spicy things. That's my boy!

He loves the water. Going to the pool is such a treat! I only wish that I could take both of the boys right now. It's just way too much with a 10 week old and a really, really active toddler. Who has no inhibitions. None. Did I mention that? Because he's squirrely and not scared of too much. He can now open all the doors in our house, which is nice when Piper wants out and my hands are full. It's not so nice when he escapes and goes outside and plays in the drive way. Ugh!

I love that B is a good helper. He loves to do *anything* with me. He enjoys helping me make coffee in the morning and dinner in the afternoon. He helps me at the grocery store, by putting things into the cart, and usually cleans up when asked pretty easily. He may be crazy and full of energy, but he does listen and obey a good part of the time. He is also getting really good about using his "manners" without prompting. Yesterday I offered him a bite of my granola bar and he said, "No shanks, mom". And he is saying "may I" when asking for something.

B loves to sing and remembers songs very easily. He can sing "Amazing Grace", "Jesus loves me", "Wheels on the bus","Twinkle, twinkle" {and so many more} on his own. Plus he sings, "Lord we thank You" at dinner time {really, all the time}. I used the tune of that song to make up another song with answers to questions from the Westminster Catechism, which we're teaching him. It's so sweet to listen to him sing!

Benjamin wakes up early and naps about an hour every day. Sometimes he naps a little longer. This can make for looooooong days. But I'm learning to enjoy these moments. More so, I'm learning how to be creative with my son. Entertaining him is key to survival and enjoyment of the toddler years! No matter how exhausting it can be, it's always more rewarding. Plus, these days are short and will be gone before I know it. There's just too much to love and remember and play and do before he's in school and not with me all day anymore!!!

Okay, I'll be done with Benjamin-isms! I love this boy and I'm so blessed that he's my son. And I make sure he knows that. I never forget to remind him that he is such a joy to my heart and I'm grateful that God saw it fit that I would be his momma. I hope he always knows, wherever he may be, that I love being his momma and that I love him!

{Benjamin is now coloring beside me and ripping paper. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I coloring a picture of daddy". I like when he colors pictures of us...}

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