Friday, August 5, 2011

Thoughts on my love...

I love the way that his arms can hold me so tightly and make me feel so secure and so loved.
I love the way those same arms carry our children and make them feel like treasures.
Because they are, we are.

I love the way his smile lights up my heart.
And brings a joy to me that I didn't know before him.

I love how warm he is.
His words. His touch. His heart.

I love that we are exactly opposite.
I'm loud, he's not.
He's a learner, I'm a doer.
I'm verbal, he's internal.
He's a leader, I'm a follower.
I'm compassionate, he's not.
He's handy, I'm not.
We fit together just perfectly.
We were created that way.

I love how he leads by example.
How he takes risks and leads a life that I want to be apart of.
I love that he loves the Lord.
And makes me want to know Him more.

I love how he smirks and flirts.
I love how he plays with the boys.
I love how he goes the distance.
I love how he makes my world go round.

And when he's gone, some of me is missing.
My cheerleader, my best friend, my best listener, my other half, my better half.
I feel so incomplete when he's not here.
I long for his return.

I love the joy in our reunions.
And I love how days apart can make our love seem so fresh.
Even so, I would rather him be by me - all the time.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.


Jeannie said...

YAY! You really are the fairest of them all... ;)

mama cindy said...

when are you going to publish that book??? :) love you!