Friday, August 26, 2011

The post in which I post many, many pictures from the last three weeks...

Here are about one thousand pictures {ok, maybe around 18} from the last few weeks. Enjoy getting a glimpse into the sweetness of my life! What a blessing it is to mother my boys and learn to enjoy our days to the fullest. Note: It helps that I have fantastic kiddos {and Jesus} ;)

My baby love. Ugh. He's too sweet to me. And make him laugh like it's my job {because it kind of is my job}.
All smiles. I think he's 13 weeks here.
I get a lot of pictures of AR like this: kind of concerned. But with B I would just sit in front of him and take pictures until I got a lot of smiles. I don't have time like that anymore! So I'll work on getting pictures with different expressions :)
Trying to get a brother picture. *big sigh*
This is cute. Forget looking at me. They are just being them.
BOTH LOOKING! Whoop, whoop! It's just not a great picture.
More Andrew. On the day he was 13 weeks alive :)
Remember when B was 3 months old, too? And when he had a Benjamin onesie?
AR again.
The picture where you can see how insanely long my baby is getting. Or maybe I just think he's really long. Oh well.
Painting with B! I bought small paint brushes at Lowe's for $1.20 {total} and gave him some finger paint and an old shopping bag. He clearly thought it was body paint :)
The rainbow cake we made...
This is what it looked like before we put it in the oven. And FYI - totally fun project for us!!! DO this with your kiddos. They will love it! {and get cake}
Playing in our colored rice. I put some blocks in the rice for B to find. He enjoyed this and we were able to keep most of the rice {there were a few incidents with escaping rice} for another time!
At the Aquarium! This was a fun thing to do, but expensive. We won't do it again soon. But B loved it and got to see sharks! We were looking at the sharks here.
Me and my boys. Per usual ;)
Whew. I think I covered everything! These days are precious, friends!!!

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