Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So. many. pictures.

I made the boys do a photo shoot yesterday. I have good intentions of making an appointment with a real photographer for family pictures soon, but how can a girl wait for such a thing when my boys are incredibly cute TODAY?!

Either way, I do apologize for the amount of pictures I put in this post. Against better judgement I went ahead and put several pictures so you could see the progression of our picture taking time. Let's just say that if Patrick were not behind me making funny noises and being silly these pictures would have been awful. But I'm pleased with how they turned out and will make a valiant effort at getting them developed to put in frames. Do people even do that anymore? :)

So. My boys. For all to see...

Sweet baby boy.
And being content, per usual.
Not the beginning, but somewhere close to it. Notice the fear in AR's face? That was easily resolved by moving him out of B's arms and sitting him beside his big brother :)
Being sweet.
A picture that I expect to see for years to come - "huh?" faces, or "whatever" faces
This is what B does when you ask him to smile. And he doesn't want to. Because he wants an M&M. But can't get one until the very last picture is taken.
At least they're both looking! :)
Baby boy, again!
A smile, at last!!! It's a fake smile, I know, but he's my child! I must have passed that gene over to him.
Smiling, but not looking.
Ah ha! Cuteness of my soul!!!!
B hugging AR, but only because I asked him to do so. It's a fake hug. With an ornery smile.
Daddy comes with smile making abilities!
And can even make both boys laugh at once! He's got incredible daddy skills. Have I mentioned lately how blessed I am? I am. I am beyond blessed by my husband and boys!


mama cindy said...

Love, Love, Love the pictures!!!! You can NEVER put too many pictures on here for me. Miss you all!!!

Jeannie said...

Hurry up, dang it.