Sunday, September 11, 2011

Va-cay 2011: part 1

So, we went on vacation. Finally. Just the four of us! We left on Thursday and drove to Iowa, but not without an incredible amount of detours and trying to find new routes. We got up early Friday (because with kiddos, early is normal) and finished our drive to New London, Minnesota. If you've followed my blog, you know that our dear friends the Reid's live there. And we could not wait to see them!

There are a lot of pictures on here. Let's be honest, you might love them, but they are mainly for MJR to see :) We loved introducing our friends to little Andrew, who is named after them (Andrew REID) and B loved spending time with the Reid fam. I think he spent all the energy he saved up over the summer of heat insanity.

We loved talking -light talking and deep talking- and hanging out after the kids went to bed. We watched Tim Hawkins and slapped our knees (and one another). Jeannie and I got pedicures. The boys (minus AR) went on a boat ride. We ate a lot of ice cream, per usual. We just enjoyed one another.

And every time we leave, I can't help but wonder why we can't live a littler closer. And we miss them already. See you next year, sweet friends!

And now a lot of pictures:

Sweetie Hope.

Little fam...and the top of Greg's head.
All the kiddos! (there were 12 of these pictures and I got 2 with all 6 kids looking!!)
Friends! And the best family picture to date :)
AR mainly hung out.
Good men, right there. Gooooood men.
Birthday buddies! Just 6 years apart.
Little sugar.
Being what they are. Cowboy and Princess.

Playing and matching...

Having fun!

We didn't stop here, though. More driving and exploring for us! You'll get more pictures another day ;)

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mama cindy said...

Oh my goodness!! Sounds like you all had a good time, love the group picture of the kids. I can't believe how grown up Greg and Daniel look. Hope is adorable, and B and Andrew what can I saw LOVE THEM!!! and their mama and daddy too.