Monday, October 24, 2011

Learning and growing...

Watching Benjamin and Andrew learn is one of my favorite things about being a momma. They are sponges, constantly soaking up anything and everything they can figure out. New moves, new words. Nothing is out of their reach -- and I remind them of that every day. I hope they never stop learning and trying to figure things out!

I'm processing so much right now. Learning and growing and figuring things out, if you will. I've recognized and realized a lot of the last few weeks and I'm not quite sure what to do about it or how to handle it. I'm growing further in my "Freedom Movement 2011" and it takes so much out of me {which I'm so grateful for} and breathes new life as I find myself more in love and awe of the Cross, of God's sovereignty and all He has done for me.

Plus, I'm seeing how I can change and grow as a mom. I'm challenged daily -- in good ways and in Benjamin ways ;) There's so much to learn about motherhood, about raising precious little boys and helping them to see Jesus, know who they are and give them the opportunity to explore and grow on their own. *sigh* Either way -- I'm still a mess over here.

Patrick and I are reading a great marriage book with our flock called, "What Did You Expect" - by Paul Tripp. SO GOOD. We've been learning and processing a lot, too. We're constantly learning how we work as a couple, how we work as individuals, how we work as parents. I love this journey. I love that Patrick is the one I get to journey with, grow with. God is so kind to be teaching us and allowing us to grow more in Him.

All of these things may be hard, but each has so much goodness in them! I love that God is allowing me to grow in each area of my life right now. His hand is not hidden from any part of me, what a great blessing!

But for now, I'm going to go sit in silence for a few minutes before my boys take over again. These moments are so precious to me -- to sit and hear from the Lord, to be still in the craziness of my life.


Lauren said...

oh my goodness. I couldnt have written this. although...not with the same names and we aren't currently reading that book - haha. so i guess not, but girl, i feel you on the learning and growing and feeling amazed with gladness and whelmed by my messiness and ineptness all at the same time! so thankful for the power of Christ in us and His sufficiency!!!! whew! much love to you and yours!

Lauren said...

I meant to say "I could have written this" hahahaha oh sleep depravity :)