Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yesterday Kent, Sarah, the boys and I went to the WVU football game. This is their first game and I was so excited to take them!! The only bummer was that Patrick couldn't be there!

We got there (decked out in WVU gear) just in time for the pre-game show -- which is my favorite thing about going to games. B thought it was great and I loved being able to tell him that daddy use to play in that band!

He was semi-interested in the game. He was SUPER tired, so he didn't last too long. B gets overwhelmed pretty easily in crowds and we were certainly surrounded by a crowd. AR fell asleep and I covered his ears when there was a lot of noise. He was unaffected by the crowd -- clearly.

We left a few minutes into the second quarter. And then we rode the PRT -- quite possibly one of B's favorite things to do now. He kept saying, "more trains!!!". It was so fun to see his joy as we waited for and rode the "train".

B crashed on the way home -- I'd say it was pretty successful Morgantown day!!!

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