Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The things he says...

Benjamin talks constantly. Every day I'm amazed at his vocabulary and how he uses words. To hear him use humongous, gorgeous and awesome in sentences makes me shake my head in awe.

At least once a day he says something that makes me laugh, or want to cry. Toddlers are like that, you know. For my sake, and maybe yours, here are a few things he's said lately...

*This year we are going a "thankful tree". Each night at dinner we go around the table and talk about things we are thankful for that day. It's been really good and I love that B is so able and willing to join in on the conversation. Each night, without fail, B will note that he is thankful for the following: a rock, a soccer ball, a bird and a nest. Some times he will add things, but never takes away. A few nights ago, we had finished talking about what we were thankful for and were being quiet. Benjamin looks at the tree and then to us and says, "This one says: Benjamin loves my daddy. See?" Patrick and I both had tears in our eyes at the utterance of those sweet, innocent, honest words.

*On a very regular basis Benjamin will tell Patrick or myself the following: I love you, Mommy/Daddy. You're wonderful.

*His memory is incredible. The last few days he has sang "Happy Birthday" to me several times and then yells "SURPRISE!" He frequently asks, "Are friends coming over to surprise you? Are we having a party today?" He's also pretty upset that the next birthday we are celebrating is Jesus' and then daddy's and then his. He keeps saying, "But it's MY birthday."

*Yesterday as I was getting out Christmas decorations, he would see something, anything really, grab it and say, "This is awesome! Whoa! Look at this! It's awesome!" Christmas will be so much fun this year!

*As we were driving to the YMCA today we passed a local university. B asked what it was, since there were a lot of bigger buildings together. I explained that it was a college and he then wanted to go. I had to further explain that you have to finish high school, then you can go to college. He thought a minute and said, "Mommy. I'm going to grow up and go to college today!" That sentence caught me off guard and his quick childhood flashed before my eyes. {gulp}

*After the college conversation he explained to me that he was big. And that he was going to grow up. He was very excited about this and I told him it was fun being a grown up, but there are a lot of great things about being little -- so he should enjoy it. He then said, "I'm going to grow up and be as big as the sky!" -- I don't doubt his determination or potential for one second. And I believe he will. Watch out, sky.

*B wipes his nose with his sleeve a lot. I'm trying to transition him away from his finger and to a tissue, but his sleeve is as far as we have got :) I looked back while we were driving home today and saw a huge booger on his cheek. I didn't say anything, though, because I knew he would eat it or play with it if he found it. A few minutes later I looked back and it was gone. Ugh. Then B yells, "I found a boogie and I ate it! I love boogies! Boogies are a good snack. I can have more boogies!" I proceeded to remind him that boogies are not for eating. He protested by trying to tell me that they were a good snack. I did not agree and gave him example of good snacks. He agreed that my suggestions were good, but finally noted that boogies are good, too. Boys.

This little place the Lord has given me is beautiful and entertaining, to say the least. The days are going by so quickly and I barely remember the hilarious or hard or sweet things Benjamin says. I just can't forget them. They are tiny jewels in this journey of motherhood. And at the end of my motherhood time, I want to carry a string of gorgeous jewels in my heart so I never forget who I became and what this season was really all about.

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Courtney said...

Your last example made me laugh because we have been fighting the same battle around here for awhile (the eating part). Lately if I tell Austin to get his finger out of his nose while we're up in his room, he crawls under his bed. Like I don't know what he's up to under there! Sigh.