Monday, November 21, 2011

Uno and Dos.

I haven't been too crazy about matching my boys {yet} and I don't think this is technically matching, but....
{gasping because of the cuteness of my boys...}

My first. And my second.
Get it? Uno and Dos?

These fabulous shirts are from Neve Inspired. They are super soft and fit the boys perfectly {with a little room to spare!}. I'm pretty sure they are the cutest kid t-shirts available! I know Kris from way back in the day, and she. is. rad.

Don't way to take time to browse? {although you really should!} Check out some of my favs: this is right on. This makes me proud to be a Mountaineer. I wish this came in mommy size and not just little girl size. Read a little bit about Bob and Kris here. And get a few super cutesy girly things here!

Don't fret -- you'll see these shirts again SO soon. We're doing family pictures this weekend and my uno and dos will have a sweet little session all to themselves with these cute t's!

PS -- even though they were meant for birthday shirts {and I so abused that idea!}, I'm not beyond ordering a "tres" for when we have another baby!

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