Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Little chef

Benjamin loves to help me in the kitchen. And I love his help, believe it or not.

Where I lack patience and a calm attitude when dealing with my oldest, I make up for it while cooking. There is something about being in the kitchen with my boy that brings such joy to my heart. I love his willing spirit and his creativity. I love that he wants to get in and be active -- stirring, pouring, spreading. And he gets it. He's such a good little chef!!!

Today, I asked if he wanted to help me start dinner. We are having turkey and wild rice soup for dinner, so we needed to start with a roux. It was very satisfying to teach him this cooking technique staple :) Plus, I'm constantly giving him tips {season with every layer. Season high. Low and slow is best. Always start with a very hot pan when cooking meat. Don't touch the pot!}.

If nothing else, his future wife will appreciate these seemingly innocent moments. But until then, I'll cherish these memories with my B.

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mama cindy said...

precious memories............