Monday, December 12, 2011

Early riser

It's no secret that my oldest is a morning person. You know, I think "morning person" may not even be the right term. Because he's not always pleasant in the mornings. Benjamin is an early riser. {I know I've written about this before}

Yesterday he came into our room at 4:30am. That is pretty early, even for him. The normal "early" around here is about 5:30 -- give or take a few minutes. And before you get too opinionated -- we've tried a gate, but he knocks it down; his door won't lock without us buying a new door. We have just come to accept that his little body wakes up early.

Before kids, I was a morning person. I would wake up early, happily, and be in a good mood {er. most of the time}. I enjoy getting things done early and having the rest of the day to do whatever I want. Now, however, I can't just "do what I want" after a productive morning. This is what our house looks like after noon: Nap time. Lunch time. Nap time. Mommy time {read, cook, clean, rest} Play time. Dinner making. Daddy home. Family time.

Instead of complaining and wallowing in my exhaustion, I will choose to see this in the way the Lord has called me to -- through His eyes and with a godly perspective. It's a good reminder to me. These days are not about me. This life, not mine. I want to live for God's kingdom and not my own, as hard as that may be a lot of days.

"O satisfy us in the morning with Your lovingkindness, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days." {Psalm 90:14}

I would love to tell you that I get to spend countless hours in God's word before the rest of the world rises, but that's not the case. There are some mornings when I can get in a few minutes before chaos ensues, but more often than not I'm allowing myself to be distracted by everything else around me. I do, however, have to pray fervently before getting out of bed so I am not super cranky and annoyed that, even though I was up twice in the middle of the night with a nursing babe, I'm up before the sun.

I will tell you that most mornings are really productive, or least productive {not always "really productive"}. This morning, for example, I have cleaned the kitchen after making breakfast, folded two loads of laundry and put most of those clothes away. I have cleaned the master bathroom. I have put a baby down for a nap. I have had very random conversations with a toddler. I have started another load of laundry. And, at this very moment, I am dressed and ready to go to the Y when the little one wakes up. And, obviously, I'm blogging :)

Not bad since it's 7:37am!

Either way, today I choose to make the most of my early mornings. I will seek the Lord - one way or another - and serve Him in all I do. I desire to take advantage of the opportunities I've been given through these early mornings -- even when I can't really see what they are. It's not about me, after all, and I'm more than okay with that. I don't really want to be selfish any more, anyways.

Are you making the most of your mornings -- whether they start early or later?


Morgan said...

Thanks Ashley! I needed that reminder this morning. It isn't about me! On another note...what if you put a sock on the inside door knob? That is what I did for Bobby, and he can't open the door! The idea was a combination form Christina and Erin W. Cut the toe of the sock off, then run a large basting stitch (just with a needle and thread) so when you put it on the door knob, tie the two pieces of thread tight. He just lays there calling me until I come get him...but lately he has actually turned on his light by himself and played for a bit before he calls for me.

Long-Suffering Heart said...

I do not make the most of my mornings. I am very slow moving in the am and 10 am is my jump start time. Good for you for getting up and at 'em! Whether by choice or force ;)

Carrie Wilson said...

I still learn so much from you Ashley! Thanks for sharing your live via the blog world! I appreciate you!