Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So this is Christmas...

Christmas Eve. Benjamin sat still for pictures because we told him he could open a present before bed. Note: This worked better than chocolate!
Sweet Christmas lovin...
Me and my littles...
Momma hug.
Family pic.
I love this man.
Ready to open and enjoy!!
Christmas morning. B wakes up at 5, but we waited until 7:30 to open presents. Aunt Kate needed to wake up before we could get started :)

B opening his stocking! He also "opened" Andrew's the same way for him :)
Opening my present -- a new lens for my camera!!!!
Andrew enjoyed playing with his presents!
Benjamin loved every present he opened. He kept saying, "thank you daddy! thank you mommy! thank you! i love it!" He is so precious. I love his heart!
B was even excited to help others open presents. In fact, he loved everything everyone got. His excitement could not be contained!
Aunt Kate opening her coffee grinder. She was SO excited and surprised! Yeah!!!!
Aunt Kate helped B open a few presents that were taped too much. He was, as you can imagine, very grateful.
Momma and B skyping with Gramma and Pap-pap.
Andrew hung out like this most of the time. And then he took a nap. His first Christmas pretty chill :)
The insanity of opening presents.
Family pic -- Christmas day
Baby boy.
One more for good measure.
Andrew liked to kiss and lick the mirror in this book :)
Me and AR hanging out in the insanity.
Whew! We had such a fun Christmas and B was so much fun to watch and listen to. We relaxed and enjoyed being together. Children make Christmas so magical and it was such a blessing to us that Benjamin is starting understand that Christmas is really about Jesus. Although, he does think he gets presents every day now. Oh, joy joy joy. The Lord has blessed us beyond any words I could say!!

Hope you all had the Merriest and most beautiful Christmas!!!

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