Monday, December 19, 2011

A very merry picture...

...Well, for three of us. Benjamin isn't really into smiling for pictures when asked. Or ever. It's always sheer luck when he smiles in a picture!

Our church has some super talented and giving photographers who take free family pictures every year. Last years was much better -- for B and I. Patrick always looks awesome. And Andrew was just a 15 week old fetus {unbelievable!}. I would like to thank the Cap's for their kindness in making three of us laugh and have real smiles!

We had some family pictures done a few weeks ago and you can see a trend in each picture: Benjamin not smiling. Andrew laughing. Andrew looking at Benjamin. Benjamin not smiling. We'll call these the "Real Life Benjamin" years :) Just wait another two years and AR will be going through it. Family pictures will be nothing more than "real life" from here on out, people. And I would have it no other way!

So. Two posts in one day -- woop, woop!

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