Sunday, January 15, 2012

Birthday planning...

There's no need to waste this time laying in bed and resting.  I've been reading my bible, watching random videos, checking facebook and searching Pinterest for ideas for the boys birthday parties.  Whew, it's a hard day's work around here :)

I like that B's birthday is in March -- and offers a variety of celebration options, but limits a lot of outdoor things -- and that Andrew is a May baby -- outdoors galore!  Hopefully this won't cause too many issues in the future.  Although, it will, at some point because B's birthday will be around Spring Break and AR's will be close to the end of school.  But I stand firm -- these are perfect birthday months!  God chose their birthdays for very great reasons :)

Either way, Benjamin will be 3 this year {say whaaaaaat?}.  And last year we did not have a party, but went to the fire station with family.  He still talks about this.  On a very regular basis.  So when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday party, he said, "I want a fireman and fire truck party!!!"  Seeing as he is at an age to have "favorites" and being opinionated, I just don't think I can get away from this request.  I'm taking full advantage of AR this year, though!

After talking with a friend for ideas on inviting people over, she suggested the idea of allowing three friends to come over -- since he'll be three.  Perfect.  Benjamin has already chosen his three.  And I was not surprised in the slightest when he told me who he wanted to come over.  Whew.  I know my kid -- what a relief!

So here I am trying to find a fire truck crayon mold and working out in my head how I will support this fire truck theme without going broke or insane.  I do know that I like the idea of doing cupcakes, on a cupcake tree.  I would like to make them yellow and red (maybe swirled?), with white icing.  Then I can do red and yellow sprinkles -- like fire!

I may do a lot of red and yellow and just use what we have to accent and help move the theme along.  Unless I find something that I just cannot pass up.  I'm a sucker, let's face it.

But for my sweet, innocent Andrew -- I'm at a loss.  I did polka dots for B's birthday and it was great.  But without family around, who wants to come to a first birthday party?  In fact, Andrew may get a lot of leftover things from B's party.  Stripes would work great for both boys!  There's no reason to get crazy on a first birthday -- they won't remember it!  But I certainly like making my boys feel special.

Luckily, Patrick's birthday is already in the works.  And even more lucky for my boys -- my birthday is in November!  Six whole months away from the last boys birthday and plenty of time to plan :)

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