Saturday, January 14, 2012

Twas the day after surgery...

I was going to be clever and write a little poem, but I just don't have it in me.  Yesterday my hernia was repaired and for that I am so grateful. Today I'm in awful pain and mostly laying in bed.  I could end there, but who am I to keep things short?

The surgery went really well and the doctor took a picture of my hernia for me.  I asked while we were in holding and he said he would try.  I think it's cool, but for the sake of the general population I won't share.  It was a smooth surgery and everything was fixed, they tell me.

The last thing I remember was getting onto the operation table and asking the anesthesiologist if he would make sure I was fully out before anything happened.  He assured me would and told me to leave the worrying to him.  So I did :)  He was super nice.  In fact, I really enjoyed all the doctors and nurses.  They were so nice and laughed with me as we prepared for surgery.

God was so kind to me in all of this.  Not only did His peace surround me and comfort me, I was able to talk about the Lord with my nurses.  Nothing life changing, to them, but just sharing about how great the Lord is!  I kept singing, "Rescue" by Desperation Band all morning.  That was helpful.  And Patrick read scripture to me before and after surgery.  Bless that man!

They gave me a little morphine in the recovery room and I remember asking the same question over and over again.  Although, I don't remember the question. Figures.  I would apologize each time and the nurse kindly responded, each time,
"It's okay! You just had surgery."  Other than that I don't think, or no one has told me, that I said anything completely ridiculous or inappropriate.  Whew!

We had a hard time managing my pain before I left to come home.  After two doses of pain killers and a super-duper dose of liquid motrin, my pain was finally lessened. I had a hard time using the bathroom, so I had to stay a little longer before they decided to just let me come home.  I spent most of the day in bed, laying flat.  If I wasn't flat, I hurt.  Also, I would get super nauseous.  I didn't eat much and had a hard time drinking anything.  Plus, I was in and out of sleep.  The anesthesia really sticks with you!

As the day went on, you know around 9:30pm, I ate a few cheerios and was able to sit up for a few minutes without feeling sick.  That was nice.  Then we went to bed.  I slept pretty well considering the pain I was in and that I had slept all day.

This morning I'm surviving :)  After I nursed AR this morning, he slept with me until 7:30.  I hope that boy keeps sleeping like that!  I moved to the couch and watched Patrick sort laundry and help B with potty training {Patrick is over diapers and is actively training B this weekend -- he's doing pretty well!}.  Andrew played with toys and I watched as he sat up, all by himself!  I might have missed that if I wasn't forced to be still.

Life goes on, even when you don't move as fast.  And I like not moving as fast because I don't miss as much!

I'm back in bed, now.  I have been able to eat more today and have been drinking much more.  Moving is still excruciating and I'm trying not to use my core to move -- it's impossible, just so you know :)  Thank you for your prayers throughout the surgery and my recovery.  I covet them and I'm so grateful for people who love me.

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