Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Every day fun.

Just some every day fun around here, friends:

Benjamin loves reading his bibles. This night he was reading to Andrew. Although, Andrew was mostly interested in being near B and trying to eat whatever he could find on the floor ;)

These boys love their daddy. And he is the most incredible daddy, ever. Seriously. Best. Ever.
One of B's favorite evening activities -- piggy back rides with daddy!
Just a random face from AR. This kid is expressive and coming into his own around here. If I could describe Andrew in one word {this week} it would be PERSISTENT. Not only have we entered a separation anxiety phase, we are trying to get this sweet boy to sleep through the night before I need surgery {more to come on this!}. Pray he sleeps tonight. Please. :) AND this little boy is on the verge of crawling. Life is moving too fast in the McBride house!

B didn't go through SA {separation anxiety} until later -- 14 months. So this baby SA stuff is new to me! It's sweet and very annoying. In the most loving way possible. Andrew will be 8 months old in just two weeks. Which is a normal time for babes to start SA, but wow, it's tough. I'll enjoy it, though. This baby just isn't staying a baby as long as I would like!

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