Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Highs and lows

There have been many high moments and low moments around here the last few days.  I'm sure all the boys have them too, but in my selfishness I don't ask.  I only share mine.

Note: Ask boys highs and lows. Daily.

Here are a few high moments from the last day or so:

*Having sweet friends here to take care of me.  I have loved being able to hang out and talk with them.  And despite pride issues, being almost totally dependent on them has been so beautiful.  I have really incredible friends.

*Sweet, random, kind of awkward snuggles with my boys.  I'm in so much pain that snuggling has become sort of weird, but I miss holding them so much that I'll do whatever I can to get them near me.

*Tons of time to rest and read and waste a lot of time on pinterest.

*Not being able to drive = not spending money {except for oldnavy.com}.  And I realize how silly little things add up to way too much unnecessary things.  I'm hoping this will change me for the better in my spending habits!

*Getting some much needed appointments scheduled!

*Lovely meals from said incredible friends.

*Finding out that Patrick and I were confused by the discharge notes -- I CAN shower! Oh, praise the Lord!  Showering always makes me feel better.

And now some lows:
*Two emotional breakdowns because I can't do anything and all I really want to do is hold my boys/snuggle Patrick/do laundry/clean my house/cook something/work out/run errands.  And I can't. do. anything.

*Pain. SO much pain.

*Being so limited and helpless.  And also being pretty lame in the way of anything.  I'm not really hungry.  I'm not great company.  I'm pretty tired.  Lame.  But I'll be better than lame, soon.  Or maybe I need to remember that being lame allows God to grow me and change me and I should just get over it and enjoy.

*Finding out we were not going to have much help from family.  {Although Sarah comes tomorrow -- I'm excited to see her and for her beautiful, helpful heart}

*I can't stand up straight.  This is so annoying to me.  But, according to the nurse I talked to today, that should be better by the end of the week.

It's been six days since my surgery.  That's six days closer to the end of four weeks!!  And that's six (well five, I guess) full days of recovering.  Slow and steady, people, slow and steady.

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