Sunday, January 29, 2012


Lately, Benjamin has been especially sneaky and squirrelly. I suppose it's all apart of being a boy.

I can't help but chuckle, take a picture and then discuss why we shouldn't climb the diaper box mountain at Wal-Mart or throw entire boxes of tissues into the toilet or pour rice cereal into a card game box. It must be hard to have such grand ideas and then find out that they are, in fact, not so grand.

He has also learned to open the fridge. Sigh. He sits under the table and hides while eating or drinking something he snuck into his little hands. That boy...he is too clever for his own good!

But if you can't laugh about it and try to keep up, well what fun would that be? God certainly knew what I needed my children to be and what kind of momma they needed! Having boys is so fun (and slightly terrifying. Also a little mind numbing, but that's only sometimes)!


mama cindy said...

love the one of him on top of the diapers!

Jeannie said...

Yeah, that's classic. Only a boy would turn the grocery store into his own personal Mt. Everest.