Friday, February 10, 2012

B sings

Benjamin loves to sing. He remembers songs from school or church or that we sing at home. It's actually a lot of fun and now he's getting to a stage where he makes up songs.

A couple of weeks ago, during family worship, Benjamin asked to sing the "Holy Spirit Song". Patrick and I had no clue if he was confused on a name of a song, or if it was a made up song. We asked him to sing it and it went like this,

"Holy Spirit was a little horsey.
Went up the water spout.
Mercy OF God!!!"

It was perfect. And so sweet. And now we may, or may not, ask him on a regular basis to sing the "Holy Spirit Song". It changes every time. I love that.

Here is a video from a week, or so, ago. We were on our way home and B started to sing. It's only fair that I share his sweetness with you. After he was done, Patrick asked him to sing the Doxology {which we sing at the end of family worship each night}. Just listen for yourselves ;)

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