Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seven thoughts for Thursday...

1. Yesterday, I ran for about 30 minutes.  I was slow, but steady.  Everyday I rebuild my endurance.  And my strength.  And my perspective.  Plus, I enjoy running.  Not for a new record or to be the fastest, but just to run.

2. Today, I held Andrew on my hip for a while as I cleaned the kitchen and made stock.  He loved it.  And so did I.

3. My heart is heavy as we try to make a decision about more babies.  I love seeking the Lord through this, though.  His kindness and pursuit of me blows me away.

4.  I registered Benjamin for pre-school today. *sigh*  When I went to sign him up, there was an "MDO" option or a "pre-school" option.  The sweet lady suggested I put B into pre-school since he'll be 3 1/2 and since he's already potty trained.  We toured the classrooms a little and I know we made the right choice.  I just can't believe he'll be in school two days a week this fall.  It's the beginning of the end. {is that too dramatic? ;)}

5.  I am not putting Andrew in school next year. At least this fall.  Maybe he {er. I} will be ready by the spring.  These days move quickly and I like our days together, just he and I.

6. I had to wean Andrew.  I'm struggling with this, but only emotionally.  I know it was best for him {because now he's not starving and constantly fussy}.  As it turns out, having a {somewhat} major abdominal surgery and nursing are hard to do together.  My body just didn't seem to be able to make enough milk and heal my hernia repair at the same time.  I like the freedom of formula, but I miss the connection and ease of nursing.

7. Benjamin uses the word "yesterday" to describe any time frame. "I just had some dog treats yesterday" {that's what he just said to me, ugh.}. "We went to the store yesterday" {this morning}.  And when I ask him what he is doing or if something is wrong, he always answers "anything".  I think this is particularly funny when I hear a noise and I'll yell to him, "B, what are you doing!?" And he yells back, "Anything!"  He means to say "nothing", but it's much more appropriate when he says "anything".

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stephanie said...

congrats on your run! i've only made it to the gym a handful of times since having lucy... i admire your motivation! and i love "anything"... so precious!