Saturday, February 18, 2012

My life --{ed}

I take  a lot of pictures with my phone.  And then, almost immediately, I  It's addicting.  

Here are a few snap shots of my everyday life, through my lens....

I love holding his hand. Love it!

B's potty training reward.  He was so ready for the potty and has hit the ground running.  We haven't had an accident in weeks.  It's so nice! Patrick potty trained him the day after my surgery.  Within about four days he was done.  It. was. awesome. 
Patrick is the potty whisper.

Like father, like son. Always.



 This striped sweatshirt is a necessity in our house.  He wears it everywhere.  Maybe you already guessed that since he has it on in most of these pictures :)


As of yesterday, this little man is 9 months old! My soul, how did he get this big?! He crawls and pulls up on everything.  He gets into anything.  He can cruise {walking} from one thing to another.  Maybe it's because he has a big brother, who he wants to be near all the time.  Maybe it's because he's a boy.  Maybe it's because he's rather curious.  Either way, it must make him hungry because this boy eats like a champ!  Seriously, I've never seen anything like it.  

He's such a blessing.  I love watching him change and grow!

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