Friday, March 2, 2012

Family Funday Friday

On Fridays Chesapeake employees can invite their families to work for lunch.  We love going to see Patrick for lunch and it's an added bonus that we can stay on campus.  Benjamin talks about seeing daddy at work all morning and loves when we can go to his office after lunch.  Me, well, I love seeing Patrick --for sure! -- but here are just some of the other things I love about Family funday Friday!

* The food is top notch! Today I had halibut.  And I always get swordfish when they have it. There is always such a great variety and it's really cheap {but good!}  The food is made on campus {by CHK chefs!} and there are three restaurants to choose from.  We are enjoying the newest restaurant because it's right next to Patrick's office.

* The music while we eat is fabulous.  Oh no, it's not live.  It's awesome hits from the late 80's and into the 90's! I sing  It's really fantastic.  We {um. I} sing and dance at our table because I simply cannot help myself.  I'm certain that Patrick is slightly embarrassed.  Benjamin is wonderful to sing and dance with me.  And today Andrew bounced around.  I've got them right where I want them!  Now, if we could get Patrick to love Boys II Men and Kris Kross.  I love music from the 80's and 90's.  I'm reliving my childhood here, people!

* Playing in daddy's office after lunch means 20-30 minutes of my day that Benjamin is content and near his daddy -- which is heaven to him!  An added bonus: there is a laser pointer and scrap paper for dinosaur drawing.  Why can't we go to daddy's office everyday?

* Free refills -- and they have cherry syrup for soda.  I'm just saying.

* Getting to dress up for casual Friday.  Employees get to "dress down" on Fridays, but there is still a pretty strict dress code and families have to follow those guidelines also.  I don't mind, I love looking nice and wearing something other than a t-shirt!  {minus the one time I was huge and pregnant and wore khaki shorts -- and Patrick got in trouble! I cried a lot about that. They are serious people! Follow the rules!}

* The bathrooms are so quiet.  I mean, silent -- almost. It's glorious.  And today, when I went to the bathroom during lunch, I stayed a little longer because it was perfectly silent. I couldn't even hear the music.  Or anything.  Then someone else came into the bathroom and I decided it was a little too silent to stay with company.

* It's so clean.  All of it.  CHK is just a clean place.  And I like that.  Until my kids come, then it is not clean. And I have to get in the floor and clean up after them -- but everything else is cleaned by someone else and it's very nice.

Okay -- that's all for now.  I'm too tired and have way too much to do around here.  It's just that blogging is so much nicer than enforcing nap time, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, making dinner, picking up and folding laundry.  But it's my job and I'll do it joyfully :)

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Erin said...

I loved this! The epitome of the simple joys of being a mom. I, too, will sing a good ol' 80's song for the world to hear!
Happy Weekend to you.