Thursday, February 23, 2012

In our house...

Right now, two little boys sleep the afternoon away and I can't tell you what I've done with the last two hours.  Wait, I can tell you this much: I ate three Milano Melts, took a shower, got the mail, laid down on the couch, researched a few things that we are looking into and picked up a few things off the floor.

We were up at 4:30 this morning, taking daddy to the airport for his birthday trip -- skiing with Kent in Utah.  I pray he is more than blessed, refreshed and relaxed!

The windows are open -- but only a crack.  It's 60 degrees, but super windy {per Oklahoma usual}.

The kitchen is messy and I can smell ketchup from a plate leftover for lunch.  I need to wash that off - asap.  In fact, I should just go ahead and do the dishes in their entirety.

Our floors are tidy because I have vacuumed them so many times this week.  For no other reason than it's easy to do and I like seeing freshly vacuumed floors.  And just a note: I cleaned the filters on the vacuum this morning and before I put {the spongey} one back in -- I rubbed a few drops of lavender essential oil on it.  And it makes my house smell lovely when I run the vacuum!

I just read this post by Justin Taylor this morning and it was such a blessing to me.  He is sharing a little about Martin and Katie Luther, and how their home ran.  I do desire for a home that exudes God's glory and kindness.  I want it to be full and busy and joyful and peaceful.  Don't worry, I fully understand the difficulties and hardships that come with such a desire -- but I just long for it so deeply anyways.

I have big goals of de-cluttering again.  These urges come on strong and anything in my path is vulnerable.  Friends, come over and grab things while you can.  I'm purging!

There is a large, open space in our built in bookshelves.  In 1979 {when the house was built}, I bet they thought -- "Oh boy! Someone is going to be awesome with a giant TV in here! They'll be the hottest on the block!"  I'm here to tell you -- it's awful.  Bad. Idea.  I think I may try keeping a large plant alive.  It's a daunting task, with my black thumb and all, but I need to fill than space with something other than clutter.

There has been much processing and talking and sharing and crying and praying the last several days.  It's been so good.  Mostly on my part -- Patrick is sweet to endure my insane emotions.  I was once told by a counselor {just about a year and a half ago!} that I'm the most emotional person he has ever met. {shaking my head in slight disbelief. and then nodding in agreement}

It's true.

I feel deeply.  I act deeply.  I love deeply.  That makes working through things, and life in general -- kind of intense.  But so good.  Because God is so good.  And beyond kind.

What's going on in your house, friends? Do share.

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Jeannie said...

Just missing you! ;)