Friday, March 30, 2012

A friday post about nothing...

It's Friday.

I'm pretty sure I write an "it's Friday" post at least every two months.

But I cannot help my excitement.  This weekend should be fun.  And full of good things.  And I'm excited for what God is doing in our lives.  Just to be honest.

Also, Patrick will be home for two days!

It's been an early rising week for us.  Both boys have been up by 6am, usually closer to 5:30am.  And on Tuesday, it was 5am.  I'm beyond grateful for the grace given to me and to new mercies each day.  Seriously.  God's kindness and love for me blow me away.

As I type my life away, I hear Andrew crying {ish} through the monitor.  I laid him down 20 minutes ago to nap. He talked for a while and then decided that sleeping was for other babes. That's right, my boy takes his morning nap between 7:30 and 8am.  I'll be glad when morning naps are gone!

Benjamin was watching SuperWhy, but just came to me and asked for a nail.  Why? Well because he just needs a nail.  I reminded him that we do not play with nails. And then I just heard him playing the drums, so I look and he has a large bucket on top of a plastic bin.  He and the bucket are on the bin -- and the beat is pretty good.

Speaking of sleep: why can't I sleep?  I've been pretty tired this week, as you can imagine, but each night I lay down I just can't fall asleep.  I think moms work on the same schedule as {most} kids.  Earlier bedtime = later wake time.  I have good intentions of going to bed at 9pm.  It's just that I get into something.  I start cleaning, or straightening my hair.  I hang out with Patrick and talk uncontrollably until he's falling asleep and has to mumble answers to me.  I just really want to sleep. Maybe I should stop talking.

My friend Jamie is having a baby and we are showering her this weekend.  I love baby showers.  And babies.  And when my friends have baby girls because I can buy pink things.  And I have a lot to say about being the only girl around here -- but that needs to wait until another day when I have time to think and make sense before I type.

I'm drinking instant coffee this morning.  I know, I know.  I have good options in my house AND within a 10 mile radius.  It's just that I didn't want to mess with everything.  I just needed coffee ASAP.  I love coffee.  I love when I walk by the grinder in my kitchen and it smells like incredibly wonderful coffee {from coffee slingers} just waiting to fill my nose and mind.  Good coffee is what all mornings should smell like.
I'm drinking coffee out of the yellow mug up there.  It's from World Market.  I love it.  And I love this mug set.  I got it at Pier 1 and it's just so pretty.  There are four.  Come over for coffee, if you want.

As you know, Benjamin is into super heros.  And it has expanded, thanks to the Marvel comics.  Where there is Spider-Man there is usually the Incredible Hulk, Captain America or Thor.  Last night I was putting B to bed and as I was leaving we had this conversation:
Me: I love you Spider-Benjamin.  B: Mom. I am Spider-Man.  And dad is  Captain America.  You are Incredible Hulk.  Me: But I don't want to be the Hulk.  Can't I be Wonder Woman.  Wonder Mom, even!  Or Cat Woman. Not the Hulk.  B: No. You have to be the Incredible Hulk.  Me: Why do I have to be the very large and green thing?  Hulk is a boy.  I am a girl.
I was doing my best to reason with my child about being a really cool and sassy super hero.  That didn't go so well for me.  When he woke up this morning, HE was the Incredible Hulk and I was Batman.  Apparently something I said made sense.  But I don't count on being Wonder Woman anytime soon.

Happy Friday to you all! My baby is sleeping, so I need to enjoy some along time with my big boy for a bit!!!

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