Sunday, April 29, 2012

Seven thoughts for Sunday.

* Sunday's are so chill around here.  We love going to the Saturday night service at church, so Sunday's end up being pretty lazy {until flock time}.  Today Benjamin's friend, Averie, is here.  Her parents are our good friends and they are moving, so A is chilling here for a bit.

* This is the conversation Benjamin and Averie had on the way to Target:
Me: Averie, is that the place you had a tea party?
A: Yes! I had a biscut with butter and pink wemonade.
Me: That sounds wonderful!
B: Averie!
A: What?
B: I had a tea party called a Batman tea party.  And it was at Eli's birthday party.  I had a Batman tea party. {momma note: not true. That whole statement was made up}

*They had so much fun together.  There has been non-stop giggling and talking and running.  They are six months apart in age, but you wouldn't really notice.

*Benjamin wore 18-24 month shorts on Friday.  Oops.  How is his waist that small?  I'm guessing my sweet boy is going to be built like his daddy! Tall and skinny!

*Andrew is almost one.  He doesn't say much.  But he does say "n" things.  Such as -- na, na, na! {no, no, no} or ni-ni! {night night}.  Oh and he say's "hi" sometimes.  This blows my mind since B started talking at 10 months.  Andrew also does not know animal sounds. {second child mother fail}

*This past week was National Infertility Awareness Week and I wanted so badly to post something, I just couldn't find the right words this year.  I wanted to talk about the beauty of God's sovereignty or how perfect His timing is or how real the pain of infertility is -- I just didn't.  And couldn't.  Maybe next year I'll be able to gather my thoughts better.  If you want to read last years post, go here.

*I bought a plant the other day.  Incase you don't know, this is a big deal because I have a black thumb.  I kill things before the even get home!  Either way, this new plant -- I don't know what it's called -- is resilient.  The tag says so.  Resilient means I can't kill it.  Boom!  We'll see how resilient it really is, I suppose.


mama cindy said...

Good Luck with that plant!!! :) just saying....

Nathan & Sarah said...

I love your posts... and definitely not a second time mother fail! I've heard that #2s often are more laid back... he'll talk when he's ready and I'm sure he'll have PLENTY to say.