Friday, April 13, 2012

Two things:

1.  I'm participating in a toddler busy bag exchange.  There are eight of us and we are each making an activity.  When it's all said and done, we'll each have eight different activities.  Yeah for my boys and fun things to entertain them!

I made this little bag of fun.  

I used six different types of pasta and colored them {with rubbing alcohol and food dye}, put a cup of each color inside a freezer bag.  Then I cup a ribbon and tied a knot on one side for stringing.  I threw in six cupcake things {WHAT are those called?!} for shape and color sorting.


2. We got a weather radio today because, well, it's going to be a crazy weather weekend around here.  I plugged it in when I got home today and it instantly produced an ample amount of anxiety within me.  It probably didn't help that I was already a little shaky because of the imminent weather around us. 

BUT there is something good about that awful and annoying beeping and warning {you know, aside from letting us know there is a tornado coming...}!  It is so helpful for this {fairly} new Oklahoma girl to learn how to pronounce all the counties and cities.  I apparently need help with this because I have not pronounced any cities in Oklahoma correctly -- except for Edmond and Oklahoma City {well, and Norman and Moore and Stillwater.  See! I know a few of them!}.

Either way.  Sapulpa. Choctaw. Miami. Comanche. Etowah. Eufaula. Okmulgee. These are not cities an East Coast girl grows up learning about ;)


PS -- An added bonus for you:  Benjamin has been walking around lately saying, "I'm not growing very well."  It usually happens when he wants something.  And it makes me laugh.  But I always tell him that I think he's growing VERY well and maybe he should eat more dinner to help him.  He does not like when I say this.  But it's very true.

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