Thursday, June 28, 2012


Lately, it seems, God has been showing me over and over what it means to "patiently endure".  And I'm grateful.  I would certainly never, ever want to endure just for the sake of enduring.  If I'm going to go through it, I might as well learn and grow in the process!  A counselor once told me this quote: "Heaven forbid I endure the pain and miss the lesson."  And since then, I just can't seem to want to trudge through something without gaining what the Lord has for me in the middle of it.

This is framed on our fireplace.  And for good reason: it's a worthy word to remember and live by!

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...Of Him.
...His love is better than life.
...His love is better than any other thing in the entire universe.
...He is greater than the world and all it has to offer.
...Whatever happens is His perfect plan.
...Even when it's not what I want, it's His best.
...My sin is revealed.
...My heart grows more and more faint for Him everyday.

Because of Jesus -- His cross, His pain, His victory -- I am free.  I am righteous in the sight of God. I am loved fiercely. And I can patiently endure whatever it is that God sees fit for me, at whatever time.  My "trials" are nothing compared to those who die daily for the gospel, or of those endured by the great leaders of our faith.  But these "trials", these hand-picked kindnesses of God that lead me to repentance and to Him, they are still faith growing and life changing and {Lord willing} God glorifying.

All because of Him.  

I pray that no matter what happens in my life, the word "because" can joyfully fall from my lips -- Because of Christ.  Because the love of God is better than life.  Because it's not about me. Because I long for the arms of Jesus.  

Always because.

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