Tuesday, July 3, 2012

These {Tuesday} days...

I like Tuesdays. Here's our day right now:

B was up at 5:45.  Andrew was up at 6:25.
We played.  We ate. We unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher.
We hit our brother.
And by "we" I mean Benjamin.
He is always hitting that baby.
Who, by the way, isn't a baby anymore.  He's a toddler.
And he's really mischievous and squirrely.

I digress.

We watched Fireman Sam and Curious George.  We folded towels.
And by "we" I mean I.
And then we needed new shorts because Andrew spit up on the ones we picked out just for today so we threw all of the folded towels on the floor looking for new shorts.
And by "we" I mean Benjamin {again}.
So we got new shorts and learned a lesson in putting towels back nice and neat.

Sidenote:  A relative success for this momma today -- instead of getting angry and frustrated that my little boy just wanted a new pair of shorts and then thought it would be a good idea to look through folded things to find them, I simply walked into the bathroom and took a deep breath and said this, "They are just towels.  Benjamin's heart and soul are more important that folded towels.  Don't discipline in anger, discipline because he needs to learn to be respectful and to talk to me before he gets all laundry crazy."

And so it went.  I came out of the bathroom and told B that throwing the towels on the floor was disrespectful to mommy because I am trying to keep our house working well.  I told him he needed to fold the towels and put them on the table.  And he did.  And then we got shorts.  Done. Whew.

We cleaned our rooms.
And by "we" I mean I did.
We climbed the stairs several times.
We got out nearly every.single.toy downstairs.
We laid down for a little rest.
And by "we" I mean Andrew.
Although I do, very much, wish I meant "we".
We played and colored and all the things you do in the morning when it's not even 8:30am yet.

And for the rest of our day:
We will go to the Y when Andrew wakes up.
We will meet our sweet friends for lunch and the kiddos can play and talk and enjoy each other.
We will take naps. {I hope that "we" includes me today}
We will get dinner ready -- Mexican stuffed shells, tonight!
We will clean and light a candle, maybe.
We will be so excited when daddy walks through the door and try very hard not to hide and then jump out and squirt him with water guns again today.
It's just a lot of fun to do that.

And then we will all rejoice that tomorrow daddy does not have to go to work and that we get to all be together all day and celebrate the 4th of July.

Which makes me think of the 4th last year and how little Andrew was and how hot it was and how crazy our little lives felt.

And it's even crazier now.
But I wouldn't trade that for the world.
Not one day.

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Jeannie said...

I smiled at the line, "He is ALWAYS hitting his brother..." Oh that was sooo our house at that stage. You are rockin' it, Mom. Seriously. I'm proud of you :)