Tuesday, June 19, 2012


You can ask anyone who knows me well and they can tell you that laundry is not my strong point in home making.  And just recently I started doing a load closer to every day so I don't end up with an overflowing pile of stink that needs washed ASAP because it's Sunday night and we need clean clothes!

Most are appalled that I wash my whites and colors together.  The only things I separate are towels from everything else.  Sometimes, if I'm feeling squirrelly, I'll wash the boys clothes separate from ours for the convenience of folding.  And folding and putting away are an entirely different rant!  I do neither quickly, diligently or with precision. Just ask my sweet husband who steps over a pile of clothes to be hung out on the floor of our closet.  

Ugh.  SO. much. work. {insert a wink face here.}

But listen up -- I'll clean my kitchen and the bathroom daily!  I will dust and vacuum and sweep!  I love a clean house.  It's just that I don't enjoy laundry.

Someone who does like laundry? My boys.  Benjamin is great at throwing dirty clothes into the washing machine.  Andrew is great at throwing anything in the washing matching {truly. anything. the amount of matchbox cars, plastic men and toys I have washed is incredible}.  And they love laundry baskets.  But no one washes or folds for me -- yet! That day is not far away.  And once I've had B put his clothes away and he was very successful.

Okay.  Seriously.  This is a post of my kids playing in a laundry basket.  I'm not sure how I got so side tracked that I spent so long typing and processing my laundry habits. {shaking head}.  

BUT here is a series of pictures of how the boys play. Sorry if I've posted them before :) Occasionally, I'll walk into the laundry room and find Andrew just sitting in a laundry basket.  I suppose B has left him stranded in baskets when they pull each other around that he just doesn't mind.

And, lucky you, here are pictures of Patrick teaching the boys to build with their hands and work hard.  Well, Andrew was not pulling his weight {or maybe he was?}  He got demoted to the deck with me very quickly.  What can you do?

And now I need to go because I can't decide if that noise is my baby jumping up and down in his crib or someone trying to steal the outside of my house! Or the concrete guys coming to fill in our new patio.  Oh boy. Peace out!!!


Erin said...

Yeah, laundry. Not my favorite, but I don't really mind doing it. My only little trick is this: I dump it on the couch or chair in the family room (which I walk through a zillion times a day) so each time I walk by, I grab one or two items, fold them on my way wherever I'm going and put it up. Takes all day....but it's done!

Courtney said...

Too bad we can't swap. Laundry is the one task I really don't mind...it's about the only homemaking task that gets done regularly these days! I would gladly do some of your laundry if you could come here and clean my kitchen.

Christychristybobisty said...

This post makes me laugh for many reasons, but mostly because you own more laundry baskets than I've ever seen in one house before, so now I know you're just over compensating. It's all coming together now. ;D

mama cindy said...

oh my!!?? I love to do laundry...now when you were little, if you can recall I had as many laundry baskets as you do but no where to put the clothes. :) one day you will like laundry too. Or maybe not.