Monday, June 18, 2012

Meaningful Monday.

Do you have friends that just mean the world to you?
Do you have a few that you could talk to about anything? 
Maybe they would drop everything to encourage you, talk to you, pray for you?
Do you have friends that you can laugh hysterically with and make silly jokes with?
Do you have friends you can be honest with?  
Can you call them out and expect them to do the same for you?

Those friends are rare. And a treasure!

My life has been filled with season after season of different friendships.  Some have lasted a lifetime, others I don't even talk to anymore.  But when we were close -- in that season -- it was a beautiful thing!

The more we move and as I mature, I find that my heart desires depth more than width in friendships.  I don't want a thousand friends, quite honestly, because I cannot keep up with them or give them the attention and affection a true friendship requires.

I've noticed that there are a handful of friends that will out last all the others.  I know that there are some friends I can call on -- whenever, wherever, whatever -- and I'm cared for.  I've realized that those few friendships are worth every single ounce of me that I put into them.  And I'm a better person because of it, because of them.

There is one friend that I had a few years ago, we don't talk much anymore, but every time I think about our friendship I can't help but know that God was glorified and we both grew so much.  Until that point I had never been corrected, loved or fought for as much as I was by her.  And until that point in my life, I had never, ever spent so much time on my knees praying with and for this friend.  We were so different, but I loved how God used us in each others lives. When I think of what a "biblical friendship" looks like -- I always think we had an incredible beginning of one! Do you have a friendship like this?

I've been thinking a lot lately about having a "best friend" and what that would look like. But at this stage of my life, only Patrick could be my best friend.  And he's the only person I want to call my best friend.  Not because my friends aren't the best -- but because what a "best friend" requires is all that I give my husband and not even close to what I could give a friend.

Patrick is my most exclusive friend, knows anything and everything, good and bad. He walks with me intimately, talks to me constantly, prays for me passionately, encourages me daily, corrects me and leads me and grows with me and loves me even when it may seem impossible or hard. And I do all of that for him. I can't say that for any other friends at this point in my life.  And I'm okay with that.

I love that Patrick is my "best" friend.  I love that the Lord has provided super close friends for me to walk with and talk with and grow with.  I love that there are other friends, who I may not be as close to, that I can still love and laugh and enjoy life with. I love that every season brings along someone new, someone to grow with and learn about.  I love how God made us all so unique -- and made our friendships connect in perfect ways, to bring us closer to Him and for His glory.

What are YOUR thoughts on having a "best friend" or just "seasonal" friends?  I'd love to know more thoughts on this as I continue processing all of this!

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Megan@DoNotDisturb said...

For a long time I feel like I "held out" looking for a really close female friend to fill the void of best friend in my life. It is when I really recognized that Justin was, could be and should be my best friend that I found a form of female friendship that I had never known before. Truly understanding that Justin was/is my best friend may have taken longer than it should have it has been immensely beneficial. Thanks for sharing.