Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Anger in motherhood...

I just listened to a great "message" on Focus on the Family {there an app! Listen while you fold laundry!} on anger in motherhood. It's sneaky and it's strong.  And it's easy to overlook. Check it out here!

Maybe you can't relate, but motherhood is hard.  Being a stay-at-home mom has some very hard struggles as you deal with your children 24/7.  It's full of joy -- overflowing, uncontainable joy!  But there are moments of deep struggle and hurt. Anger sneaks up in times of weariness and times of exhaustion.

Everyone deals with and handles anger differently.  Jill Barnhill said this, "It's what you did, but not who you are." She was referring to throwing her daughter in anger after a long battle.  I know it's hard to admit, but it happens and it's real.  But there can be and will be change with the Lord.

One thing she said that stuck out to me was in the very beginning as she was describing herself as an extrovert {which I am} and said, "When I'm high I'm high and when I'm low, I'm low." {referring to her emotions}  Yes!  When I'm so tired of disciplining and correcting and pulling my children apart from one another. When I've overwhelmed by the laundry and the errands that need to be run.  When I start thinking it's about me and my expectations -- that's when anger creeps up on me.  And I raise my voice.  I get easily frustrated.  I get shaky and overwhelmed and I make it about me.

When really, my job is about Jesus.  It's about loving and caring for and correcting two little boys so they can see the Lord and, hopefully, know Him.  It's about shepherding the flock I've graciously been given.  It's about confronting my sin and dealing with that humbly before an Almighty and forgiving God.  It's about being constantly prayerful and always joyful.  And this isn't new stuff -- it's biblical!

Either way, if you have 28 minutes to spare listen to the encouraging words that Julie shares.  And more than anything, confront sin and talk to someone about it!  Motherhood is hard and we DO NOT have to pretend it's pretty and delightful and easy.  It's not and we can't mother well and for the Lord if we are hiding sin and walking blindly into this adventure.

Open your heart to the Lord.  Open your mouth to a friend.  Do not let anger control you in mothering.  Whew, those are such good words for me to remember!

Managing Anger -- Help and Hope for Moms {part 1 of 2}

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Jeannie said...

I heard this message, too, and I was convicted. This needs to be talked about more often!