Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pictures galore.

Dear blogger world.  I do take pictures of my children, I promise. {see below}  It's just that my iPhone is so handy and I can make those pictures intsagram pictures and I really like that.

But for those of you who think my boys are super cute and want to see real life pictures of them -- here you go!!! :)

Andrew loves to help/play with the dishwasher.

These guys are t.r.o.u.b.l.e together sometimes!

Fuzzy. Blue chalk smile.

My thinker.

Isn't he handsome?!

Just my baby eating {another} stick.  No big deal.  It's good fiber, people!

Andrew LOVES the water.

B loves playing around the water.  But not in it.



Sweeeeet face.

See those teeth? He has 7 total.  Apparently he is in no hurry to get teeth because he can consume anything he desires with the seven he has!

Patrick made out back yard awesome with a new deck, this awesome patio, a sandbox and a little garden. We are loving it!

He also loves balls.  And being outside.

This is what I walk into on a regular basis.  Sheesh.

Haha. Andrew.

Playing "Coffee Shop". I have no clue where he would get that from.

Another fuzzy one.  But he was sleeping during lunch.  We are working on getting rid of the morning nap -- by Andrew's choice, not mine!!!
And some day there will be more pictures.  I just don't know when :)


mama cindy said...

Love all of the pictures!!! Love those boys to pieces as well and their mama!!

stephanie said...

you just keep posting pictures of those sweet boys. they are too cute. love those blue eyes. :)