Sunday, August 12, 2012

And Benjamin, recently...

I can't believe how quickly little babies turn into little boys.
Everyday B says or does something else that blows my mind. 

When it comes to telling you all about what B is doing and how he is growing, I just don't know where to begin.  And I just don't know how to put it all together.

B has his own vocabulary that I never correct. Ever.  
He says lasterday for yesterday.
Awfully for actually.
Bamandment for commandment.
And that's just on the top of my head.

Benjamin rationalizes very well.
When he wants something, he's very clever about asking.
He has developed sort of a hispanic accent when saying the following:
"I was sinking maaaaybe we could do to the park or the toy store or somesing? Is that a good idea?"
Please come over and listen to him say this.

He loves to watch TV.  
It makes me crazy, but I also really love it.  
PBS kids is so good for long mornings.
Although we do regulate.
{A few favorites: Curious George. Wild Kratts. SuperWhy?}

He loves animals and I have no clue where he gets that from.
He is so good at remembering things about them.
Patrick asked B, "If you could be any animal, what would you be?"
B responded, "But I don't want to be an animal!!!"

He enjoys drawing and writing and creating.
We write in our journals a lot and draw things to talk about them.
He is very imaginative.
He makes up stories and songs all the time.
I love listening to what he can come up with.

Last night I was putting him to bed and told him that it was really late 
and I wasn't going to read a book.  
I started singing "How great Thou Art" 
and he started singing, "I want a book.  I want my mommy to read a book.  Read a book..." to the same tune.  
I tried to keep singing.
I just had to stop and laugh.
And then I read him a book.

B is rather independent.
But he is so needy.
I knew this about him when he came out of the womb.
I can never {ever} give him enough attention, 
which is hard when you have a another little guy running around.

He is always asking questions and trying to figure things out.
"Mom. What does a frog do? What does a lion do? What do tigers eat? What do lizards eat? How can that bird fly? Did you see that airplane? What makes it go high? Are you driving fast? Why don't you drive faster? Can I have a snack?"
All. in. one. breath.

B has developed a love for reading.  
We go to the library often and he loves to read our "new" books at bedtime.
Most of the time, we go to the library with a topic in mind.
Sharks. Crabs. Lions. Rhinoceroses. Airplanes. Dump trucks. Pumpkins.

B enjoys helping me cook and doing things on his own.  
I will give him a baking sheet with bowls of flour/oatmeal/sugar and let him create on his own if I don't have any way he can help me.
He loves that.

Benjamin is incredibly observant and takes things in deeply.
He is a thinker and a ponderer.
B is a loner in most situations involving {groups} other children.
He does have some "best" friends and plays great with them one on one.
My leg is his favorite hiding place when we are in public.
He rarely smiles or waves at strangers
 {unlike Andrew, who walks off with them!}.

B wakes up early and on his own way.
If he's ready to go, it's go time.
If he's quiet and still tired, don't say a thing.
He's a lot like someone else I live with that is not me or Andrew.
I'm just saying. ;)
And not just sleep-wise.
In every way wise.

I love that Benjamin and I have our own little "inside jokes" 
and things that only he and I can know about.  
Songs we sing.  Things we say to each other.  Good night kisses.

Somedays I struggle to remember that Benjamin is just three.
He is still so little -- no matter how big he may seem.
I expect him to do things he can't do.
And then we both get frustrated.

I apologize to B more times that I can count in a day.
And I discipline him just as much.
Days can drag on and on when neither of us are getting our way.
Never have I seen my sin so active and strong.
Never have I seen humility and tears like I do in mothering.
Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow.

Benjamin knows several verses, hymns and catechisms.
{we follow guidelines from a book for children}.
It's so incredible to hear him learn and remember verses 
and great truths about God.
It's also very humbling and keeps me seeking Jesus.

When B calls out to me, "I love you, Mommy!"
Or says, "You're my best mommy, ever." 
Or "You're my favorite."
Well, then I know that something is going right in these days.
And I remember how sweet it is to be the momma of this most fantastic little boy.

This rarely happens.  I was reading on the couch and he woke up from a nap and fell back asleep on me!

Just being like daddy -- can you see the glasses?!

He enjoys water.  Very shallow water.


Oh B. Brother bear.  Benjamin bunny. Benja. 
You are wonderful. Always.
And you are the best Benjamin, ever.
I love you so much.

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christin said...

Love it! What a great way to document different life stages!