Friday, August 10, 2012

Andrew, recently...

Andrew brings so much joy to my heart. 
That boy is always smiling or laughing or being silly or hugging me. 

Andrew doesn't say a lot of understandable words, but he babbles a lot. 
He can say: mama, dada, night night, this, eat, bye and hi. 
He just started saying "up please" {kind of} the other day. 
It's really, really cute.

He says a variety of noises for words.
For example: Thank you come out more like two high pitched grunts.
And speaking of grunting, that's how Andrew makes any animal noises.
It's a low pitched, deep grunt.  And very funny.

What does a lion say?! Grunt, grunt.
What does a duck say?! Grunt, grunt
What does a dog say?! Grunt, grunt.
What does a mouse say?! Grunt, grunt.
Always. And he is very serious about it.

Andrew loves being around people.  He is content to play alone, if someone is around.  Otherwise I pretty much hold him or wear him in the wrap all day. I wish I was kidding about that.  But I am not.  He loves to be near me. Basically he is pretty needy in that way.

He loves to read and he's at the stage where he will get one book at a time and back up to your lap to sit down.  Oh boy, I love that!  We read a lot of books.  Mainly I read a few pages and then Andrew gets up and "reads" it himself and finds another book.  To each his own, I suppose.

He is a mommy's boy and a daddy's boy.  It's really sweet to see just how much he loves all of us.  Even Benjamin.  He would go to the ends of the earth to find B, or to follow him.  It's the latter I'm a little more concerned with.

Andrew gets trampled a lot.  Benjamin sits on him or buries him under pillows and then lays on him.  B pushes him and talks him into very unfortunate things.  Even still, Andrew would chose to play whatever B is playing over anything else.  This doesn't go so well for him because B does not like to play with Andrew unless he is invited.  And that doesn't happen too often.  
Being the little brother has it's downfalls.
{There are some sweet brother moments, though, and I'm so blessed that I'm here for most of them.}

Andrew has great motor skills and can easily do things with those tiny hands and fingers.  
He just picks up on things very well {no pun intended!}.  
Andrew is a climber.  He just learned to climb up the dishwasher.  
He scales the stairs in seconds and quickly masters getting onto any high-off-the-ground object. He loves to jump and run and move and kick and squeal and, generally, never stop moving.

Andrew sleeps well.  Much better than B ever has.  
It's kind of odd and kind of great.
Andrew loves to eat and has not slowed down. In fact, I think that because he never does stop moving he needs food more than the average {12 year old} child. 
And he gets "hangry" very quick.  Especially if he sees you making a meal or there is something edible within in line of vision. 
He loves food.
I secretly love that.

I'm so glad that Andrew's middle name is Reid.  Those names, together, just hop out of my mouth so fast and they just sound so serious.  And when I say, "Andrew Reid!" that boy stops in his tracks.  I love that!

My sweet Andrew is persistent {still} and ever so curious.  He is fearless and adventurous.  He is a snuggler and a kisser.  He is easy going, but a little strong willed.  He follows directions well {for now}.  He also likes to hit things.  He is a boy, after all.

Seriously, this kid makes our family so much fun.  He is full of joy.  He loves to dance and sing and wander around the house in circles.
So great.
I'm so blessed that I get to be Andrew's momma.

This guy loves his paci... :/

Andrew likes water.  But not sprinklers.

See that face?!?! He gets away with a lot because of that grin...

Daddy always makes him feel better.

He also loves sand. 

Haha. This is a very excited face.

Oh Andrew Reid, we love you so much 
and couldn't be more blessed that YOU are ours.

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mama cindy said...

Oh what a sweetie!!! Can't wait to snuggle him, you, Benjamin, and I will give Patrick a few hugs too.