Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Benjamin: first day of preschool

Oh my soul.

Preschool sound so old and makes me feel so unnecessary.
It's so big and so long -- two days a week for FIVE hours.


Either way, B was very excited about going to school -- until we got there.  He was a little more hesitant, per his normal self, and did NOT want me to leave him.  His teacher is FABulous and was so sweet and kind.

I absolutely shed a few tears as we were walking back to the car -- Benjamin-less.  Andrew looked at me kind of funny and I told him that B was going to school and we got to play.  He didn't care, he just wanted to walk. Boys.

I'm so anxious to pick B up from school! I can't wait to hear about his day and to see what he did, how he felt, if he wants to go back.  He is very open about his feelings, even if he doesn't always articulate them the right way -- I can usually figure it out.  I've been praying for my sweet boy all day!

Here are some pictures from this morning!

He said he wanted to be a geologist "like daddy" when he grows up.  I asked him what a geologist does and he said, "You know mom, we dig for rooooocks and we did for wooooorms..."

I love this boy and I'm so glad that God made ME his momma.

At least I'm looking... ;)

He was not happy about this, but I snapped it anyways! God bless Mrs. Julie!

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