Friday, November 2, 2012


We carved pumpkins on Sunday after lunch.  Benjamin was very excited.  VERY excited.  Andrew was somewhat excited/clueless.  He took a nap while we finished up.  But next year, he is going to be really excited, too, I bet.

B drew the face, I carved it and then he drew all over the pumpkin.  It was a Benjamin original to the MAX!

On Halloween, our church had a pretty big event called Light Up The Night -- complete with a little kid worship concert and A TON of candy.  I think this was the perfect thing for my kiddos!  Andrew and I danced and sang away while Patrick and Benjamin contently sat still and watched.  I love how different we all are!

When we got home, Patrick put Andrew to bed and B and I walked down our street for a little old school trick or treating.  

He loved it. 

Patrick, B and I were sitting on the kitchen floor checking out the loot and Benjamin looked at me and said, "MOM! I love Halloween!!!" 

Benjamin wanted to be Yoda.  He does not know that he is a regular jedi.
Praise God he has no clue about Star Wars!

I made this up about an hour before we left!

Sweet tiger.

This tiger loves blankies.

both boys!

B and Averie walking across the stage!

Happy daddy with a tired tiger.

Family shot!

Some of the kiddos from our flock.  Notice Andrew trying to sneak Mason's candy!


mama cindy said...


Benjamin LOVES Halloween, how that makes my heart smile.

Great pictures.

Love you

The Royal Garcias said...

Andrew is looking SO cute. I need some of those cheeks... YUM.