Monday, October 29, 2012

Lucky duck.

Last week, before Oklahoma froze, we had a fun evening of playing tag and duck, duck, goose and taking pictures.  
Well, I enjoyed taking the pictures. 

One thing is for sure --  
I'm a lucky, lucky duck.
These guys are too much for me.
I don't deserve the love they give and the joy they bring.
But, by God's grace, here we all are.
Lucky ducks.

You can catch a glimpse into our fun below.

He's my favorite guy.  And incredibly handsome!

Someone should give me a high five or a bonus or something for getting a picture of B!

Um. Benjamin was clearly over me taking pictures.  He loves to be in control, even when I'm not taking pictures of him :)

Oh, how I wish this was not blurry.  There is so much to be said in this picture.  The joy, the love, the father/son bond, the busyness.  Maybe I'm glad it's blurry.

Aaaaaannnnnnd now! The many faces of Andrew! Complete with personality!

You're welcome to come over for dinner and play any time!  See you soon :)

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