Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Christmas Tree...

I love looking at Christmas trees.  
I love the stories they tell and the memories they hold. 

I love decorating our tree.  
And it's been especially fun now that Benjamin and Andrew help.  
Patrick and I have been collecting one ornament a year, mostly on our vacations, and now we get to share those memories with the boys.

This year B was very anxious to help and know about ornaments.  
He said several times:
"Well when I was a baby I remember you getting this and putting it on the tree and taking me here {or there} and I love this one." 
Or something along those lines.  
He often refers to his infancy as if it were a few days ago.  And I am getting very good at not laughing when he does.  And then I help him remember the way it actually happened.

 Here is a little peek at our tree -- incase you don't make it over before the end of the year ;)

This was my Mamaw's -- my great grandmother -- it was always on their tree.  My dad had a few and when he passed away, my sister and I split the old ornaments.  Every year, now, they are on my tree -- and they are the only ones that I ask to hang myself. I protect these treasures with all I have in me!

We got this in Scotland to represent our London/Paris/Scotland adventure in 2008.

There are three sweet things here: The glass cross ornament (top) was a wedding gift from Patrick's mom; the little white snowflake was made by our old neighbor in Indiana, PA.  She was so sweet to us and gave us things all the time.  She has since passed away; the striped ornament was also a hand-me-down from my great grandmother and dad.

Near the top of our tree sits this little manger scene.  It says "let us adore Him".
Just so we always remember it's about Jesus.

This Eiffel tower loving Santa is from our France adventure in 2010.

We got this kissy sunshine in Tortola {BVI} while on our honeymoon!

A sweet gift when I was pregnant with Benjamin in 2008. I waited so long to have something like this and it's always a precious reminder of the gifts God has given me in Benjamin and Andrew.

A Texas boot!  So we never forget our 2 1/2 years in Sugar Land :)

Benjamin's first Christmas ornament and our Christmas carol scrolls {a gift from a friend one year}.  Each night during family worship we pick a scroll {according to the day!} and sing that song.

Happy wedding and marriage ornament from our wedding -- 2004

We went to Nantucket and Cape Cod in 2007.
We really loved the time we spent in Chatham -- so we got an ornament from there.

Andrew's first Christmas ornament, 2011.

I had to search high and low to find a Christmas ornament in July when we were in San Diego this summer.  But, here she is!

You just can't take the WV out of us, no matter where we are...
Our Little People nativity.
This thing is well loved and played with often.
We take nap time seriously around here, folks.  Everyone sleeps -- even baby Jesus.

The whole tree...and part of our couch with Andrew's pants. And a snack bowl.
There are now presents under the tree.

What boys do when you're taking pictures of the Christmas tree :)
Building.  Always building something.

So, tell me about your tree! 
What are your traditions?  
What ornaments do you love?  
And leave a comment so I can check out your sweet pictures and memories!!!

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