Sunday, December 16, 2012

Right now...

Right now -- at this very moment:

*I'm enjoying a beautiful, way-too-warm-for-December, Sunday afternoon.

*Both boys are sleeping and I'm sure B is having dreams about The Grinch because we have read it so much over the last few days.

*Patrick is sitting at the table working on seminary and FLOCK.  I'm so blessed by his diligence and, even more, his knowledge of God's word and ability to teach it.

*My house is pretty clean.  I've been off of my game the last few days, so there was clutter galore.  If I were pregnant, I would call the busyness of today "nesting".  Otherwise I don't know how to express the go mode I've been on today!

*I have finishing wrapping all but two presents and they are out of the guest room.

*But I just remembered I forgot to buy one present, so I'll be all over that tomorrow.

*I'm making a lengthy "to-do" list for the week.  I'm mostly beyond excited for the things I get to do/have to do.  Just another reason I love my job ;)

*I can't believe all the emails I get on a daily basis.  And not friendly, how are you doing or can I ask you a question emails.  Store emails and buy things emails.  I need to go through my inbox and unsubscribe to so many things!

*I am ONE {ish} pound away from my goal weight.  Just one.  That makes me pretty excited, too.  Not because I will weigh "such and such", but because I was able to set a goal and reach it despite many of setbacks {think: hernia surgery, fertility meds, traveling}.

*I have hung all things that I've wanted to hang on the walls -- Christmas and not.

*I have cautiously and hesitantly placed several presents under the tree.

*I am debating uploading my iPhone pictures to my computer...

*I'm kind of amazed that it's almost Christmas.  Wasn't it just Thanksgiving? Or March?  Either way, I just love this time of year and I feel like I'm letting it slip away.

*God has overwhelmingly cared for me over the last few weeks and today, as I prepare to dive into His word, I'm so grateful for the refreshment and renewal He has brought over and in and through me.

*This photo expresses several things  {right now}:
1. My sweet friend made me this coffee mug -- a "postcup" -- that reminds me that I'm loved.
2. My hair is at it's longest ever, I think.
3. My hair is super straight because I got a new -- and awesome -- straightener for my birthday.
4. I am wearing work-out clothes because I used my Christmas present this morning :) and then I have been cleaning and organizing and purging all morning.
5. I am wearing NO make-up and that makes me a little nervous to post on the blog.


Baby Hancock said...

I think you look beautiful! Inside and out!! ;-)

young wife&mom said...

Hey Ashley,
If I had your address I would send you a card--but I don't so this will have to do--thank you so much for all your prayers, encouragment and support over the past few weeks--always blessed by your life and walk with the Lord.