Monday, January 21, 2013

Etsy favs...

Okay.  Etsy loves for the day.  I have a lot of prints hanging around this old house and I love it so much.  I love supporting local artists.  I love having fun things on my walls.  Also, I love my marriage so I won't buy anymore for awhile.  
{But you're welcome to send some my way -- if you have any extras hanging around ;)}

I have this baby hanging above our table.  I think it says a lot that I would be willing to hang such a bold statement for the entire world {er. visitors} to see.  I love the guys in this house more than coffee, people! source here.
Pure greateness. For the kitchen, duh.  source here.

This verse is beyond meaningful to me.  It shapes my soul in ways that I can't describe.
And I love this print. Love it. source here.

Yes. source here.
Not just for Valentine's Day, but for every day hanging in our bedroom. I love this so much.
source here.

These words are sitting on my mantel.  In a frame.  I want to remember this to the core of me on a daily basis and believe it fully. And after the last year, I love deserts because there is always joy.
source here.
On the mantel.

Just another framer for the bedroom. source here.
{Can you tell I love katygirl? Her etsy shop is so much fun!}

Tell me what you love on Etsy!

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