Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A review, of sorts, and gender guesses for all...

Just for fun I found some pictures from what I *think* are all pictures from 17ish weeks of pregnancy.  I am 100% confident about the last picture being 17 weeks because I took that yesterday. 

See how all three pregnancies looked different at this point?! Crazy!

With Benjamin... 17 weeks.

I felt that this bare belly shot gave a little more definition to my growing belly -- for reference.
You will not see too many more of those, I promise :)

With Andrew -- 16 weeks.  There was no 17 week picture. This will have to do!

With baby#3 -- affectionately called Gamma by Patrick.  Also, I realize this picture is not like the others.  Pretend I'm standing in front of the fire place and not taking it with my phone :)
Now I will tell you all about this pregnancy and how it relates to the others so YOU can guess what we are having.  Our ultrasound is May 7th, and I anticipate a lot of excitement in that room.  Boy or girl!

*This time around, as I mentioned in a previous post, has been pretty similar to Benjamin's pregnancy. But not exactly the same:  I was nauseous until 13/14 weeks {longer than B}, but I didn't throw up as much as I did when I was pregnant with Andrew.  I have, incase you are wondering, only thrown up three times this pregnancy.  That does not count getting an awful stomach virus. {The total would then rise significantly}

*I have had some indigestion and heart burn this time around that I didn't experience with Benjamin and only had at the end with Andrew.  Here's hoping for a full head of hair! ;)

*I don't sleep well.  And I don't remember that being an issue with the boys.

*I am always tired.  I will always take a nap if you offer or if time allows. This has been the most exhausting pregnancy -- for obvious reasons.

*I think I'm carrying this baby a little lower than the others -- but that is based solely on the above pictures.  In real life, I can't tell much of a difference other than the fact that I have a belly.

*I just started wearing maternity pants last week.  But I can't really wear maternity shirts yet because they are a little big {and very stretched out from being used at least twice before -- more if I let people borrow them!} With Andrew I started wearing maternity pants around 14/15 weeks.  With Benjamin I think I just started at 17 weeks.

*I don't have many cravings.  I just need food and sometimes some things sound better than others.  When I was pregnant with Benjamin all I wanted was salads, spaghetti and sweet potatoes.  With Andrew I wanted sugar.  And now, either sounds fine -- but I would chose spaghetti and salad over sweets.

*For whatever reason, I really enjoy soda when I'm pregnant.  And not too much when I'm not. But that's not too helpful for your guessing.

*The Chinese Gender calendar thing says we are having a boy. And I'm pretty sure it was right with Benjamin and Andrew.

*Patrick still thinks girl and I think boy. Benjamin says boy.  Several of my friends say girl.  Some say boy.  Certainly that information should help you! ;)

*My "due date" is October 5th.

*This baby is active and moves like crazy when we see it in ultrasounds. Just like Benjamin AND Andrew.  We make active children, I tell you!

*Baby's heart rate has hovered around 140-155 each time we have heart the heart beat.  Benjamin and Andrew {I think} were within a 130-145 range.  Pretty similar for all three, I think.

*Lastly, for those interested {mom.}, my body has not widened too much.  As in, my bottom isn't too big {yet!} and my belly is mostly in the front {for now}.  Either way, I think this is just the way my body carries babies!  But if you asked my mom or Patrick about my bottom when I was pregnant with Andrew, they would have told you that it did indeed get wider. But my belly has always been out, not around.

Is that enough information? If you have questions, leave them in the comments and I will answer.  Guess away -- in the comments or on the poll to the left:)

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Nathan & Sarah said...

I love this! It makes me want to do the same thing... although, I'm pretty sure I look the same, if not bigger this time around. I sure feel bigger. I started wearing maternity pants a while ago, simply for comfort, I couldn't stand having anything pressing on my stomach (the same as last time). I'm excited to hear what you are having, either way, such a blessing. We find out the 6th! Thanks for continually sharing Ashley. I'm hoping once I quick work at the end of May I will get to blog again, I miss it.