Monday, May 6, 2013

Canvas painting

We enjoy being crafty and creative to the extent that I am capable and do you know what we have come to love around here?

Painting canvases!

My boys are both incredible painters {if I may say so}.  Seriously, they are so good at swiping dots into masterpieces!!!  And it's easy and cheap to make for presents or new decorations around the house.  In fact, several rooms in our home have handmade canvas paintings.  I will also add that painting is extremely fun and relaxing to do yourself.  Get an extra canvas for yourself and paint with your kids -- or alone in the evenings!

Here is what you'll need:
*a canvas or two {or however many you want to create}
*acrylic paint.
*a cheap set of paint brushes.
*some newspaper {for laying the canvases on}
*a good attitude and a sense of humor

An easy way to let your child paint is to simply "dot" the paint into a pattern on the canvas.  I usually just do 4-6 dots across and the same down and let the boys swipe the brush as they wish {"aaaaasssssss yooouuuuu wiiiissshhhhh"...come on!}

We made a few paintings for Christmas presents and just recently made two for our new nephew/cousin that should be here in July.  The boys wanted to do something special for him and this was a great way to let them be creative and help decorate ;)

Here are a few that we've made:

Side note: you can add little things to make them more personal or special.  Cutting out a letter or animal {say, a bird} from scrapbook paper and using mod podge to glue it on is so cute!  You could use white paint and add a hand or foot print.  The list goes on and on...just have fun and don't be stressed about the paint :)

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