Monday, July 29, 2013

McB road trip -- Morgantown

Our entire purpose of going to Morgantown for vacation was in hopes that we would see our new nephew/cousin.  We were hoping to be able to help Kent and Sarah and squeeze and kiss a new baby.  As the Lord would have it, he was born four days after we left -- but we did get to spend some time with Kent and Sarah!

We stayed with my mom most of the time and we were able to have a great visit and do a lot. I'm just going to give you a list to save words and time :)

*We had family pictures taken.
*We enjoyed a cookout with lots of family and friends.
*We watched fireworks.
*We went to church with Kent and Sarah and were able to visit with friends!
*We were able to celebrate Frank's birthday with him.
*We hung out downtown and rode the PRT, went to the courthouse to see my mom's friends and went into a few stores. 
*We went swimming. And played with water balloons and water guns.
*We got donuts one morning.
*We went for a few walks. 
*We went to Coopers Rock.
*We got pedicures. And by "we" I mean me.
*Patrick and the boys went hiking with Kent.
*We had a date night and ate a great local restaurant.
*We did a lot of laundry.
*We played games.
*We went on the lake. 
*We went to the Geological Survey {what? you don't do this on vacations?!}

And I'm sure we did a lot more -- but you get the idea.  We were busy!

family pic.


riding with Uncle Kent.

Just hanging out.


Coopers rock cutie.

Second born.

Crazy fam pic.


Water balloons.

And water guns.

Nap time snuggles.

Pregnant sisters. 27 & 39 weeks

Playing with Uncle Kent.

More family.


Pregnancy at it's finest. We are consecutively 6 weeks apart. With Sarah due first (with her first), then Bethanie (with her second)  and then me (with our third). 

He loves the boat.

Tubing brothers!

Jumping {err, thrown} Benjamin!


Whew! SO that was a recap of days 4 - 11 of our trip. Always glad to visit family and see everyone, but it's always so exhausting!!! Such is life, I suppose!

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