Wednesday, July 31, 2013

30 weeks. Boom.

Hitting the 30 week mark seems to be a milestone of sorts.  This pregnancy is practically over, but just getting started.  I'm grateful that this is my third pregnancy so I know what to expect next {for the most part}, but I'm always surprised at something.  The Lord is kind in keeping me humble that way.

I know, for instance, that all of this tiredness just means that my sweet girl is growing. I know that too quickly I'll have another babe in my arms and not inside of my womb.  I know that with each breathe and each bite baby girl is getting stronger.  I know that each day means we are both a little more ready to meet.

I know that 10 weeks until the end isn't long at all.  I know that 10 weeks could actually be 12 weeks.  Or it could be 7 weeks.  Babies are always sweet to surprise us.  But I won't rush her or hurry her out -- no matter how hard it feels or how long it seems, a day is just a day.  And I want this girl healthy and ready.  {But I do pray she doesn't wait until 41 weeks. Selfishly!}

I can honestly say that I had no clue that pelvic pain could be so bad.  I didn't know that caring for two small children while growing another one would be that exhausting.  I didn't know that my body could so confidently carry another child, although I can feel the hesitation at times.  No matter how many times you're pregnant, there is always great humility involved in being the woman chosen to carry, birth and love a child made for your family.  I will never forget that kindness from God.

With 30 weeks behind me in this pregnancy, I've been too proud at times and overly humbled at others.  I'm amazed that at His sheer love and sovereignty, the God of the universe has kept this tiny little girl alive and growing and healthy.  I am slightly amazed that I ran as long as I did and that I have the energy to workout and clean the house and make dinner -- most days.  The other days include me laying on the couch and praying Patrick comes home quickly :)

At my last appointment {which was yesterday} baby girl was head down.  This is a beautiful gift to me, as she was transverse most of the pregnancy so far.  I prayed and asked a few friends to pray -- and now she is head down.  And she is already low into my pelvis.  Maybe she's as ready as I am?  Apparently at 30 weeks a baby is 15 inches long and almost three pounds. High five, little one!  She kicks and moves, although not as harshly as her brothers did.

It may be too early to say this, but I think she will be a little smaller.  She was only in the 44% at our 23 week ultrasound.  Benjamin and Andrew were both very average weights.  But I say this, leave it to a girl to make her mark! :)

I've gained 25 pounds so far, I think.  That's a little steep, but everything is still working and I'm not unhealthy in the slightest.  No gestational

diabetes and no other issues to be concerned with here on out.

Now we just get ready.  We need to do a few things around the house and wash some things.  We need to make sure we have enough clothes and blankets and burp clothes.  We need to continue praying for the transition and allow our expectations and such to be fleeting thoughts.  We need to seek the wisdom of God and His exceeding grace as our home becomes more full and Patrick and I become outnumbered.  But we are ready -- and waiting.  And grateful.

As a side note, I found this post I wrote when I was pregnant with Benjamin.  It's still true today -- all of those feelings and mushy things. And it was sweet to read and remember...

30 weeks and some with B.

30 Weeks and some with A.

30 weeks and some with E.
We have the nursery done, so I'll take some pictures and post them another time!

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