Friday, July 19, 2013

Oh hey!

While it seems that we have been lost this summer, take heart, we are very present.  We have enjoyed so much over the last several weeks and I just haven't had time to sit down and write about it.  In fact, there are many things swirling in my head and I want to process them -- I just haven't got there yet :)

Here are just a few things we have been up to over the last two months:
*Working HARD to earn our prizes from the library's summer reading program.  Benjamin is so motivated and has really taken to reading at leisure and asking a lot of book questions.

*Many library trips with book choices usually including snakes, sharks, other random sea life, the solar system, planets, rocks, castles, knights and science related things.  And Andrew always chooses a book about dinosaurs or trains.

*A super fun visit with Aunt Kate and her boyfriend Mike.  They were here for about six days before Kate took off to Chicago to start a new job.  The boys LOVED Mike {it was our first time meeting him} and we were all able to relax and have a lot of fun together.  It was a sweet visit, for sure. We all love when Aunt Kate is here {and now Mike, too!}

*A two week road trip to WV/PA.  We took three days on the drive there and two on the way back.  We were hoping to be there when Kent and Sarah welcomed their baby boy into the world -- but alas, that sweet boy didn't want to come out on time!  We can't WAIT to hear about our nephew/cousin soon, though!!!  We did a lot on this trip -- spent five days with my mom and John in Morgantown, a few days with Kent and Sarah in Morgantown, four days in PA with Frank and Carol and half of a day in Indiana, PA to catch up with a few old friends.

*I will have A LOT of pictures to post about this trip.  This is your {friendly} warning!

*We have made a lot of random crafts, including a Superhero Jet Pack I found on pinterest.  That was a hit.  But it still doesn't compare {to Benjamin} to baking soda and vinegar. He's such a little scientist.

*We have played at the zoo, played at parks, played with friends, had special lunches and tried new things around the house.

*We did VBS at our church.  Neither of my children thought that was super fantastic.  They always had fun once there were there, but being away from me for five hours, five days in a row was not their cup of tea. Although now we sing so many songs and talk about the things we learned from VBS -- even a month later!

*I had a cyst removed from my neck.  It was only a minor surgery and the cyst was nothing major.  But I do have a crazy scar on my neck now! I did learn, though, from that experience that I do not handle seeing my skin in stitches well.  Patrick took off the bandage the day after surgery and showed me, then took a picture for me to see all of it.  I got nauseous and light headed and almost passed out.  I'm such a wimp.

*We painted our entire down stairs gray.  It's nice and neutral and uniform.

*I was called to jury duty.  Luckily it was only one day and I was released after about four hours.

*Baby girl now has a name and her room is practically ready.  Which is great because I'm hoping she does not stay inside of me until October!  But with 11 weeks left, we are in the final countdown.  She's growing like crazy and I'm starting to feel the difference of the third pregnancy {stretched ligaments, summer heat, and exhaustion -- oh my!}

*And as a random note: My basil has grown so well this year. So well that I can't use it all. Anyone need basil!? :)

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