Tuesday, June 25, 2013


There isn't too much going on around here. But just for the sake of posting and keeping up to date, here are some random things about our days recently...

*I realized the other day that if this baby girl comes a week early -- we only have THREE months until we are a family of five! I should do something with the nursery and get enough baby girl clothes, then.

*Another baby note:  When I was pregnant with Andrew, I had to work through a lot of "what did we do to Benjamin?!" issues and God was so sweet to me.  I became so encouraged and confident in bringing another child into our family! This time I'm so excited and so ready to add another baby to our clan. We tried for so long and waited through many tears for this girl, I can't imagine not being pregnant or adding another kiddo!

*The thought of Benjamin being in school from 7:45am until noon every day of the week makes me want to vomit.  I love having that guy around and I can't believe we are at a point in his life where I won't be with him most or be his biggest influence.  This calls for an entire post.

*Andrew has entered a very independent stage.  "Terrible two's" maybe.  I'm glad we have gone through this before, even if just to know it ends! :)

*We moved Andrew into Benjamin's room.  I did it one night just to see if it would work and how long we may be fighting battles.  And that never happened.  Those boys love sharing a room!!! Andrew loves being in a big boy bed and sleeps great {unless his big brother wakes him up in the middle of the night or at 5am!}.  Benjamin loves that there is someone in his room and that he's not alone. Win!

*The exhaustion I feel on a daily basis is mind blowing.  It's so discouraging to me sometimes to try to do things that were so easy before this pregnancy. The third time around is good, but so tiring.  Just keeping up with the boys and errands and the house seem like a huge deal sometimes.

*I tweaked a workout routine I found on the internet the other day and I loved it. Full of legs and arms, plus getting my heart rate up.  It was so good for my soul, and probably my body. {Add this to reasons I'm really tired ;)}

*We have been in clean.organize.purge mode around here.  It's so wonderful! The stuff we are giving away and throwing away is incredible! But I dislike clutter and it's easy to come by with two boys {one who draws 18 pictures a day} and just living life.

*I really want new light fixtures in our house, but I don't know how to justify buying them.  What's wrong with a little more of a contemporary lighting in this old house, huh!?!? :)


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