Monday, September 16, 2013

My boys {right now}...

Benjamin and Andrew are such treasures and so unique.  Each their very own -- to the most extreme very.  There are days when it's easy to see myself or Patrick in either of them and it's so sweet {and sometimes discouraging}.  All of this makes me wonder endlessly about how our baby girl will behave and fit in.

Here are some thing about the boys that I don't want to forget:

*He LOVES school.  I'm amazed. And humbled that God so kindly answered hours and hours of prayers for him.
*He is branching out of himself and playing with new friends at school.  I love this because they are boys! Most of his friends up until this point have been girls {his age}.
*He is still taking a nap every few days because otherwise he gets so angry.
*The other day I disciplined Benjamin for being angry and as I was doing so, I was completely humbled and hurting to realize that I was discipling him for anger -- because he made me angry.  Moments like these make me so grateful for God's grace.  And the forgiveness of my four year old. He has such a forgiving soul.
*We went to Frontier City yesterday {a local amusement park} and I was so surprised by Benjamin's bravery! He loved the rides.
*Benjamin has memorized the first 10 or so counties in Oklahoma, books of the bible, the Lord's Prayers, the Apostles' Creed, Oceans and Continents {and a few things that pertain to the school} in the first month of school.  It's incredible how much these little minds can hold!!!
*Benjamin loves to create and draw.  In fact, that's the thing he requests to do most often after school! Although, he does not enjoy learning to write. Penmanship has been a battle as he learns to write each letter carefully and correctly!
*Benjamin moves and functions on his own time. We joke pretty often about this. And he could care less that this is the way he is -- although, we are trying to help him see that he should care a little and move a little faster sometimes.

*He calls mac n cheese -- mac-a-chewy
*This guy has more personality than anyone I have ever known -- big or small.
*Andrew often shrugs his shoulders, rolls his eyes when making a statement or holds one finger up and says, "jus a min-a".
*He really likes being an only child in the mornings and gets to watch way more TV than a two year old should.
*He loves The Little Einsteins.  Loves them.  He also enjoys watching Super Why.
*He loves to play with trains.
*He always has a blankie with him.
*He will wear his rain boots anytime, anywhere.  And usually he has goggles on, too. It's really fantastic.
*As much as he likes being with me, he obviously misses Benjamin and asks often in the mornings when we are going to get him.
*He also asks every morning if he gets to stay at school with Mrs. Chan.  It's sweet.
*Andrew loves spoons. He carries one everywhere. And he gets into the silverware drawer several times a day to get a new one.
*He loves following Benjamin around and doing most of what B tells him to do. They generally play so well together. I love watching their bond grow and change.
*Andrew also has his own pace: fast or faster.
*He has no inhibitions. About anything. And training him to obey is much harder than it was with Benjamin.  Which makes me laugh sometimes {and sometimes NOT!}.

These boys are so incredible! I LOVE watching them change and grow and play.  They bring so much joy to Patrick and I. Ugh! I just can't even describe in words how blessed we are by Benjamin and Andrew!

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young wife&mom said...

awesome to hear you praising the blessings of being a mother and the things you love about your are a great momma--can't wait to see precious babydoll..coming soon...???