Sunday, October 27, 2013

A variety of pictures...

These are random pictures from the week before Elise as born until yesterday. Just for your viewing pleasure :)

B's class went to the zoo -- his first field trip!

39 weeks

39 weeks

Building bottle rockets

First picture!

Brand new Elise...

He loves her

Long feet

Hospital picture taking

Daddy and his loves

B insisted on staying with me and walking downstairs to meet daddy and Andrew with the van.
He has such a tender heart!

Real life.

A little fun day for Andrew...

B's second field trip -- the pumpkin patch! I was so sad to miss.

One of my princes!

B and his BFF Averie.

Looooong girl.

Naptime snuggles

Cozy baby.

Alert baby.

matchy matchy!

Shark hat!

A sweet treat for Andrew -- I put money in this ride!

My heros!

She laughs and smiles a lot!

Big helper.

Silliness with the big guy...

Silliness with my little man...

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young wife&mom said...

cute...looks like you are adjusting well to a pro a pro!