Monday, October 28, 2013

On having three children...

When we got pregnant, I asked my friends a lot of preparation questions.  Two of my dearest friends have three children and I picked their brains and hearts over and over again to find out what I should expect and what I should do to prepare.  I am not too proud to seek their guidance and know my limits! I'm so grateful for their wisdom and honesty.

Bottom line: Have NO expectations and pray.

So for nine months, that's just what I did.  I would pray fervently for Benjamin and Andrew in the transition.  I prayed for Elise, that she would be joyful and content and a good sleeper.  I prayed that I wouldn't rush myself or feel like I needed to do all things at all times.  I prayed for Patrick and I to remain united and grow through the transition from two to three kids.  And I prayed for a lot of grace and patience and to have zero expectations!

There have been hard days around here in the last four weeks.  There have been tears on my part, some on Elise's part and a lot on Benjamin and Andrew's part.  There have been hard nights.  There have been easy nights.  There has been an incredible amount of apologizing to Patrick and the boys on my part -- there is nothing like newborn days to draw the sin out of you!

But we have has sweet moments.  We have had really great days.  We have run errands and visited friends. We have had help from friends, we have had visitors and we had Mimi for a whole week!  We have enjoyed dinner out, but mostly dinners in.  We have enjoyed church and community group and Target and Bass Pro Shop.  Life has simply carried on.

My lack of expectations, for the most part, have assisted greatly in getting through each day.  As long as I get Benjamin to school and pick him up on time -- I consider that day a success!  Added bonuses are cleaning and errands running :) But, truth be told, I have only gotten through each day with a smile and sanity because of God's grace.  He has faithfully met my needs daily.  He has allowed me to get enough sleep to function and care for my family.  He has sanctified me through tough nights and tantrums and feeling unstable and incapable.  He has reminded me that HE gives strength to the weary and cares for the weak.  My God cares for me, as I care for the little flock He gave me -- His word is clear that He will and He has been faithful to me. (See Isaiah 40!)

It's only been four weeks that I have been a mother of THREE children.  Some days are good, some are not good.  But each day and each moment is such a treasure.  I've learned how fleeting these moments are.  I've recognized the importance of the work I am doing.  And I do not take it lightly.

I'm so grateful to be right here, right now.  I love that God has called me to this season of busyness and tiny hands and hugs and hearts that I get to hold and teach and love.  I may be tired, I may be weary, I may not remember what I did this morning, but I know this: My calling as a mother is high and holy and a true joy.


young wife&mom said...

amen sister!

Jacob and Jessi Schwertfeger said...

I have to admit that 3 threw me for a loop! Adjusting to international travel with all of them about killed me! But I am SO grateful for the forced slow down and the focus that is all about them right now. Love it.