Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finding rest in Him...

I've learned a lot this past year.  I have changed a lot this year.  We have changed as a family.  Transitions are happening and it's beautiful {and hard}. There is not much of me to go around, but I'm needed and required on so many levels right now that it's simply impossible to do all that needs to be done.  Yet, as I serve Jesus more and give myself more, I find such peace and joy and rest -- in Him.

I was once taught this: Change is your friend that brings you closer to Jesus.
Amen and amen.  I will never forget those words, or the perspective behind them. They have carried me a good distance on this rocky road we've walked.  The Lord has blessed me so much with joy -- in change and in routine.  There are certainly days that are hard and overwhelming, but most of my days have laughter and smiles and joy.

Mostly, over the last few months, I've found great joy and encouragement in these words: 
"Find your rest and relaxation in the rhythm of serving Christ."

I may be tired, but I serve a God who never grows weary -- so I can keep caring for my children and serving my husband.  I may feel hurt or overwhelmed or burden, but I serve a God who heals wounds and binds up broken hearts -- so I can give more of myself to my husband and children and friends.  I may be proud or selfish or frustrated, but I serve a God who takes away my sin -- so I can be free to love and encourage others.  He refreshes me and reminds me of grace more times a day than I can count and it's by that grace that I can rest as I serve Him.

I have found great joy in serving Christ in the calling I have received.  I love that my job is to stay at home with babies and do laundry and run errands and dust shelves and mop floors and make food and love my husband and enjoy my husband and help my friends by watching their kids or making meals or inviting them over for coffee.  That's my "JOB"! I get to love people.  I get to clean my home.  I get to make fun memories.  I get to disciple my children.  I get to walk hand in hand with the most fantastic man, ever.  And that is how I am serving Christ.  Even when I'm exhausted or stressed -- God takes care of me because I am serving Him.  I can give more of myself because I know that God is giving Himself to me as I serve.

There are always lessons of boundaries and saying "no".  There are days when nothing gets done except discipline and survival.  There are days when we sit and relax and enjoy being together.  And there are days of constant errands and places to be.  There are days of minimal discipline and a lot of smiles!  Either way, it's sweet to know that God is teaching me and growing me as I serve Him with all that I have.  He is so kind to reveal Himself to me on days when I cannot see clearly and on days when everything seems right.

When I am hiding His word in my heart, when I'm praying for my family and friends, when I am worshipping Him in song, when we worship Him together as a family each night, when we worship Him by noticing the leaves changing or the sunrise blazing in the morning sky -- I am finding rest and relaxation in Him.  And that is the most satisfying rest I've ever had...

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